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The University provides detailed articles and instructions to improve fisting skills for both beginners and advanced players. The full curriculum covers both artistic/cultural topics and scientific considerations related to fisting.

Supplemental information related to these topics are located inside the Fist Club Blogs. If you are looking for information on the author (Finn Vortex), click here!


University courses are classified by one of two symbols to indicate the style of content:

  • Indicates the article has an artistic component, or can only be subjectively measured.
  • Indicates the article focuses on content that can be observerd or measured objectively.
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  • Multi-Media Content or Video Demonstrations
  • Step-by-Step Procedures
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Articles may have specialized content such as video demos, step-by-step procedures, DIY instruction, or commentary from seasoned fisters.

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Vocabulary and codes associated with handball.

Author: Finn Vortex

Published: 02/01/2016

Updated: 02/15/2019

Category: Culture

Duration: 10 Minutes

Quick Summary

Dictonary of fisting terms from ass play to unihibited. Includes pronunciation guide and code word identification (for words that have hidden, secondary, or encoded meaning). Apart from a dictionary, there is also a quick reference guide for fisting related hanky codes.

Handball History

Historical review of taking a fist.

Author: Finn Vortex

Published: 09/17/2016

Updated: 02/05/19

Category: Culture

Duration: 15 Minutes

Quick Summary

Historical details and compiled data from the internet and other sources regarding the development of modern fisting. Includes bar and club registry.