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Congratulations on stumbling across this website. The content here is mostly educational; however, there are also explicit photos, crass language, and detailed discussion of non-traditional sexual behavior. Let's start with a few precursors:

Clutching Pearls Not Suitable for Work
  • This site is Not Safe For Work (NSFW). Additional warnings regarding content are NOT provided.
  • This site is generally unpalatable for individuals who do not engage in, nor expresses any interest in, gay anal fisting. Take your judgement and your pearl-clutching elsewhere.
  • This site is not intended for minor consumption. Children should definitely leave now.

Mission Statement & Background

Mission Statement

Fist Club is an educational platform dedicated to the advancement of science-based fisting principles alongside artistic practice of the skill itself.


There are many great websites and blogs available that are dedicated to the Art of Fisting. Art implies a certain level of craftmanship and skill, which are both subjectively based qualities. Fist Club fills a unique void by providing objective, science-based information in an instructional, curriculum-oriented format. Coupled with the objective lessons are subjective lessons teaching skills and discussing fisting culture.

Objective-based and curriculum-centered material is available in the University and informal (and oftentimes opinion-based) content can be found in the Podcast & Blogs. Both can be accessed from anytime from the menus in the header.

Maintenance & Ownership

This website is currently maintained by Finn Vortex (AKA @depthvortex). Additional information about him is available in his Fisting Bio. Educational seminars and small group / individual training sessions with him can be scheduled upon request.

This website does not belong to any fisting organization. If you are looking for an local fisting group, visit Resources: Associations. A registry of local fisting groups and associations can be found there.

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