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Sexually Transmitted Infections


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Sexually Transmitted Infections

Communicable Infections and Disease Spread Through Fisting

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Executive Summary

Index of sexually transmitted infections that are common among fisters coupled with suggestions on decreasing the spread. General overview of the pathology of sexually transmitted infections, including prevention details and infection pathology. Etiquette and standard practices related to STIs.

This topic is under constant revision.

Additional STIs are added to the STI Index regularly. Bookmark and return for reference purposes on an as needed basis.

Protocols and Pathology sections are currently .

Content Development

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Upon completing this course, the student will be able to:

  • Demonstrate... ...techniques
  • Give three reasons for...
  • Identify five...
  • List two alternatives...
  • Recite one etiquette protocol and one standard practice related to...

Note: Objectives should follow instructional design standards and be easily measurable with little ambiguity.

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Outline (Proposed)

  • Pathology
  • Mechanisms of Transmission
  • Fisting
  • Bloodborne
  • Cross Contamination
  • Traditional Sexual Activies
  • Analingus (Eating Ass)
  • Oral Sex
  • Anal Sex
  • Treatment Modalities
  • Prevention
  • Curable
  • Manageable
  • Protocols
  • Etiquette
  • Disclose your STI Risk Profile
  • Test Before and After Events
  • Decrease/Eliminate Cross Contamination Behaviours
  • Standard Practices
  • Refrain from Play if Symptomatic
  • Follow Treatment Guidelines for Resuming Sexual Activity
  • Maintain PrEP or TaP Compliance
  • STI Index
  • Key
  • Index


This section is still in its infancy, please come back again when it has matured.


Protocols include standard practices and etiquette followed by the majority of the fisting community. Typically, these are things that new fisters pick up over time.


Etiquette refers to how you treat others in a specific fisting scenario. There are three etiquette guidelines related to sexually transmitted diseases.

Etiquette Explained

Who: Top and Bottom

When: Prior to Session

What: Prerequisites

People typically do not use gloves when playing in a private residence or hotel room with a single partner or small group (less than five people). People may opt for gloves in larger groups, with depth play, or in venues with inadequate washing facilities.

Do not assume your partner follows these practices. Specify—before you meet—your preferences or your present needs that alter your preferences. For example, if you generally play without gloves but have a cut on your hand and need protection, you should inform your partner before scheduling a session.

Anecdotal Narrative

Man Texting
Figure 3-1: Glove Notification

Informing your partner regarding your play requirements prior to meeting can prevent awkward situations in a fisting session.

Edgar and I have a standing fist session on the first Thursday morning of every month. We've always played S2S, but this month, I had cut my finger and the wound was still healing. I would need to wear gloves.

We still on for Thursday?
Yep. I'm game! I cut my finger last week and it's still healing. Do you mind if I use gloves?
I'm glad you asked.
My hole doesn't really respond well to gloves. I can just top this time, or we can wait for another week or so.
I've never been one to turn down being the designated bottom. See you at 9:30!

We averted a crisis because I wasn't planning on cleaning out that day to allow him to be the designated bottom.

— FF Chronicles: 22.08.0400

Etiquette Explained

Who: Requestor

When: Throughout Session

What: Provisions

While BYOG (Bring Your Own Gloves) sounds reasonable, guys that only play S2S may not keep gloves in stock. The Provisions Matrix indicates that the responsibility falls upon the individual who requests gloves. This means a bottom who requires gloves will need to have several pairs of each size on hand, regardless of hosting or travelling for the session.

Anecdotal Narrative

Glove Dispensary
Figure 3-2: XS to XL

To ensure correct fit, the supply cabinet or bag should contain XS to XL size gloves.

Peter was a horse-hung-silver-fox-pocket-otter-gym-rat with no hang ups regarding masculinity. I had watched him top eager bottoms in his signature pink gloves for three days at Fist Fest. I knew his small hands would work wonders inside my hole. I approached him at breakfast on the final day of the event.

"Hey! You got any room on your dance card for me today?" I asked.

"Absolutely. I've been eyeing your hole for days" he responded and followed up with "I want to sink my elbow into you!"

"Great! Let's do this. But first, you gotta tell me what's the deal with the pink gloves?"

"I'm married to a non-fister. Obviously, we play separate; however, our agreement is that we wear protection when playing with others. Since most guys don't have XXL condoms or XS gloves, I provide my own." He continued, "I accidentally bought pink gloves several years ago, and it garnered so many comments that I've never bought any other color since."

"So, your condoms are pink, too?" I asked since I hadn't seen him topping with his cock.

"One could only hope that pink condoms would come in King size, but alas, you'll have to settle for transparent."

"So, I get both your hands and dick?"

"Both hands and dick? I'm not sure that's possible, but we can do jack-in-the-box. I've seen your hole, and I'm gonna jack-hammer the fuck out of you!"

We chatted a little more and sat up a play date for the afternoon. It was a great way to finish off the festival: pummeled in pink. The next time I ran out of gloves, I ordered pink replacements in honor of that epic event.

— FF Chronicles: 18.04.0275

Etiquette Explained

Who: Top and Bottom

When: Throughout Session

What: Consent

"It's the bottom's choice" is a common phrase you will hear when discussing glove etiquette. This would be true if gloves were always optional for both parties, but they are not. Sometimes, tops must wear gloves.

Neither party should be forced or harassed to fist in a manner with which they are not comfortable. Bottom's Choice should be replaced by Mutual Consent.

Anecdotal Narrative

Gloved Hands Embracing
Figure 3-3: Bidirectional Consent

Both parties need to agree on glove usage prior to meeting.

A few years ago, a dear friend invited me for Pride weekend at his home in Houston. He wanted to fist for the first time and asked if I would bottom for him.

Can you bring all the supplies and gear, including gloves?
I prefer S2S when bottoming, but I do have gloves that I suppose I can bring if necessary. :(
Thanks, I'm still on heavy immunosuppressants from my kidney transplant and am concerned about infection.
Fuck! I forgot about the transplant. Of course, we can wear gloves—your health is more important to me than any of my silly hang-ups. Sorry about being an ass. I hope you forgive me...
No worries, just get your ass down here. I'm excited to try this out!

— FF Chronicles: 15.06.0041

The Such FFun podcast discusses glove shaming and consent between partners in Season 2 | Episode 6 - (FF Tops):

Standard Practices

Standard Practices refers to common sense behaviors related to fisting activities. There are three standard practices related to sexually transmitted infections.

Practices Explained

Who: Top

When: Prior to Insertion

What: Hygiene

If you use gloves to prevent introducing microorganisms into the fist chute, then timing for donning gloves is critical.

Help the bottom get situated in the sling or fisting arena, then put your gloves on immediately before penetration.

Anecdotal Narrative

Contamination Gloves
Figure 3-4: Early Contamination

Helping a bottom into the stirrups after donning gloves is counterproductive. Gloves become contaminated prior to entering the hole.

Larry Shockey, the originator of FISTFEST, shares this piece of advice in his book, the Sacred Art of Fisting:

"I’ve seen lots of tops glove up, put the bottom’s feet into the stirrups, adjust the chains, arrange the papers on the floor, and then reach for the lube. NO! NO! NO! I’ve even had tops drop a glove on the floor and bend down to retrieve it to put it on. NO! Gloves are cheap. It’s easy to forget. Just throw away the contaminated glove and get a clean one."

— Sacred Art of Fisting, 2012

Practices Explained

Who: Top

When: Throughout Session

What: Hygiene

Most venues are not built with post-fisting clean-up in mind. Sinks may be too shallow to wash. Soap may be unavailable. Faucets may have restricted water output.

Outdoor venues or semi-public areas usually lack proper clean-up facilities.

Bring and wear gloves when playing at these venues—especially if you are fisting more than one person.

Anecdotal Narrative

Eagle Bar Amsterdam has Limited Washrooms
Figure 3-5: Limited Facilities

Glove use decreases clean-up time and cross contamination of bottoms in venues with limited washing facilities.

I coordinated my first trip to Amsterdam to coincide with the Dirty Dicks monthly fisting party at the Amsterdam Eagle. I packed a small gear bag with lube, poppers, and gloves and headed to the venue to play.

The event did not disappoint. I bottomed for four different guys and topped six. Unfortunately, I only brought four pair of gloves. This led to a little predicament with Rene, my last bottom.

"I'd love to feel your guts when we are done with him" I told Rene as we alternated our hands in and out of Jon's gaping hole.

"Great, I'll go get ready" he replied and promptly disappeared to prep himself and lay claim to a sling.

Meanwhile, Jon had enough pummeling and called for a break-break. I cleaned him up and thanked him for the pleasure of playing inside him, S2S. Then I headed to the bathroom to clean up.

Although I hadn't noticed before (since I had worn gloves), the sink was incredibly shallow and the water only stayed on for a few seconds at a time. Jon was into width-play, so my arms were lube free, but it took ten minutes to completely wash just my hands. After finishing, I hustled out to the sling to delve into Rene's fagpit.

"I was beginning to think you had stood me up" Rene said as I approached.

"Yeah, I'm sorry. I didn't realize that cleaning up after Jon would take so much work. The sinks here are shallow and leave much to be desired."

"Well, my desire is for your hand and arm. And my hole, it is anything but shallow! Push it in."

The rest is history.

— FF Chronicles: 18.12.0323

Etiquette Explained

Who: Top

When: Between Partners

What: Hygiene

If you are wearing gloves for hygienic reasons, you still need to wash your hands and lower forearms between partners.

Most gloves cover about about 2.5 centimeters (1 inch) up the wrist. The anal canal is that same length, if not a bit longer. This means that as a top playing with shallow bottoms, your wrist and lower forearm is still likely be exposed to lube. Any deeper play guarantees exposure unless you are wearing opera length gloves.

Washing the hands and forearms prevents transfering microorganisms into your bottom.

Anecdotal Narrative

Man Washing Arm
Figure 3-6: Full Arm Cleanse

While you may not need to scrub up to the shoulder, basic fisting typically exposes the lower forearm (above the glove line) to lube.

Erik and I had just wrapped up an intense fisting session where his small arms had slipped in past the elbow—a first for him. He had used both the right and left arms with depth play, but per my request, primarily played with the left arm.

After I said "OK, I'm done!", I asked him to hand me the paper towel roll.

"Oh, I'll clean you up good!" He said.

"I know you will, but it's not me that I'm worried about" I interupted. "Here, give me your arm."

I ripped three full squares of paper towels from the roll and laid them across my chest. Eric placed his arm on the squares, and I wrapped the edges around, covering his arm completely. I then carefully slid the towels down his arm until we passed the fingers.

"What's this for?" he asked.

"I find that if we don't squeegee the lube off now, your sink time will be 5-10 minutes clearing lube off your arm. And while it doesn't matter here with just the two of us and my deep sink, at events, you may not have the luxury of good washing facilities to clean up between bottoms. So when you wrap up with a deep bottom, always clean your arm first before starting on the bottom." I responded.

"Okay, I guess. I still don't understand why" he said, as he began wiping lube from my ass.

"You'll see in a few minutes."

Fast forward eight minutes. Eric is at the sink, scrubbing desparately on his right arm. Since the lube had already dried on this arm, we didn't squeegee it immediately after the session ended.

"I get your point! I've never had to spend this much time cleaning up because I've never had lube this high. The left arm was easy, but this right arm is taking forever."

"Can you imagine if you were playing with a group! High clean-up takes a while, so do what you can to minimize your efforts, but always - always - always respect your bottom and clean up your entire arm so he isn't exposed to contaminants from the last guy."

— FF Chronicles: 21.09.0524

STI Index

Lorem ipsum dolor...

Index Key

Infections listed in the index below have this format and contain the following details:

Microorganism Name

General information about microorganism in narrative format.

C | M | R (Prognosis)


Diagnostic Name

Organism Type

Medical Reference Sheet
  • Organism Type: Viral, fungal, bacterial, or protozoal organism
  • Common Names: Slang names for this STI
  • Pathogenicity: How easily is it spread?
  • Prognosis: Is it curable? If not, manageable? And resistant?
  • Treatment Regimen: What I will be given to treat it
My Response and Responsibility
  • Symptoms: Signs and symptoms I might experience
  • Transmission Methods: How I probably got it and how I might spread it
  • Duration of Sexual Quaratine: Lenghth of time before I can fist again
STI Image

Special alerts or considerations for this type of infection.

Index of Infections

The following non-comprehensive list includes common sexually transmitted infections in the fisting community.



All Sexually Transmitted Infections

Bacterial Infections

Viral Infections

Fungal Infections

Protozoal Infections

Lube Contamination

Sharing Lube

Cross Contamination

Lack of Hand Hygiene between Partners

Direct Contact

Touch, Frottage, Docking, Mutual Masturbation


Anal Sex


Oral Routes: Cock Sucking and/or Rimming


Shigellosis is a disease caused by one of four shigella bacteria. In non-immunocompromised fisters, it will likely run its course within a few weeks. Most individuals that were symptomatic state that the symptoms are extremely unbearable.

C | R



Bacteria (Gram -)

Medical Reference Sheet
  • Organism Type: Bacterial (-)
  • Common Names: Shigella, the shits
  • Pathogenicity: Easy | Just ten organisms can colonize your gut
  • Prognosis: Curable after culture (due to extreme drug resistence [XDR])
  • Treatment Regimen: Non-EXR: Ciprofloxacin, Azithromycin, Ceftriaxone :: 7 days | XDR: IV Antibiotics :: 10 days
My Response and Responsibility
  • Symptoms: Asymptomatic, diarrhea, severe diarrhea, bloody diarrhea, tenesmus, extreme weight loss, stomach pain, seizure (due to electrolyte loss)
  • Transmission Methods: (1) eating ass; (2) sharing lube; (3) poor hand hygiene
  • Duration of Sexual Quaratine: Three weeks after exposure or three weeks after diarrhea stops, whichever is the longer
STI Image

The CDC has indicated that some strains of Shigella that are sexually transmitted have developed resistance to certain antibiotics[2], so it's important to follow your healthcare professional's recommendations and take the full course of prescribed antibiotics to ensure complete recovery and to prevent the spread of the infection to others.

This infection can be asymptomatic and is easily transmitted, so if you are notified by a parter of a possible exposure, get tested or refrain from sexual contact for three weeks.

To prevent extended infections, do not take lamotil or other anti-diarrheals.

Supplemental STI Resources