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Hygienic Practices for Fisting Tops

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Author: Finn Vortex

Published: 15 March 2023

Updated: 15 March 2023

Duration: 15 Minutes

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Executive Summary

Examination and review of handwashing, including the fisting-specific rationales behind this fundamental practice. Presentation of handwashing techniques, tools, and protocols (etiquette and standard practices).


In this section: Infectious Disease | Odor Elimination | General hygiene | Enhanced Trust

A fundamental skill (and basic proficiency) of topping is practicing appropriate hand hygiene. This skill serves two important purposes, neither of which is related to post-session clean-up.

First, good hand hygiene minimizes the risk of infection transmission. Second, when practiced at the appropriate times, it demonstrates concern about the post-coital well-being of the bottom. The overall effect of good technique is a relaxed bottom with a relaxed hole.

Ancillary benefits of good technique include odor control, faster personal and post-coital clean-up, and reduced contamination of surfaces and objects at the host venue.

Man Washing Hands
Figure 1-1: Essential Handwashing

Handwashing is an important safety and and trust-building activity. Good practice demonstrates care for the bottom, which results in a relaxed hole.

Infectious Disease

Fisting causes trauma and damage to the mucous membranes of the fist chute. A compromised membrane reduces the natural barriers of the immune system and increases the transmissibility of traditional STIs. Apart from STIs, other common microorganisms can also take advantage of a wrecked hole.

Sexually Transmitted Infections and Diseases

Even though fisting (by itself) has a relatively low occurrence of STI transmission, certain practices and behaviors common to fisting sessions can increase transmission risks.

One-on-One Sessions

In one-on-one encounters, a top can transmit certain infections between himself and his partner if alternating his hand between his own genitals and the bottom's fist chute. The risk of a bottom transmitting an STI to a top is relatively low, except when the top has cuts or wounds on his hands.

The most likely route of bottom-to-top transmission is through hand-to-eye contact, and STIs such as Chlamydia, Gonorrhea, and Herpes can be transmitted this way.

Group Sessions

In group fisting sessions involving multiple bottoms, unwashed hands can easily facilitate the transfer of various microorganisms between bottoms. Infections that can easily spread in group sessions include HPV (warts), Hepatitis C, Shigella, Giardia, and Syphilis. However, the risk of transmission can be significantly reduced by practicing good hand hygiene, such as washing hands between bottoms.

Double Decker
Figure 1-2: Double Decker Increases Risk

The double decker involves two bottoms stacked vertically for penetration by a single top. Hands alternate between holes without hand hygiene. Full video/credit[1].

Opportunistic Infections

Fisting and cleaning out can lead to compromised natural defenses of the fist chute, characterized by damaged membranes and a reduction in microbiota. Opportunistic infections are more likely to take advantage of the fist chute in this weakened state.


Opportunistic Infection

  1. Noun An infection caused by an organism that does not normally cause disease in people with weakened immune systems.

Pathogenic Potential

  1. Noun The ability of a microorganism to cause disease in a susceptible host, depending on several factors that include the ability to colonize and invade host tissues; the ability to evade host defenses; and the virulence factors it produces, such as toxins or enzymes that damage host tissue.

Extreme Pathogenic Potential

These organisms have the potential to cause significant harm once inside the fist chute. Outside the fist chute, they are less dangerous, less infective, or easier to treat.

  • MRSA
  • C. Diff
  • E. Coli
  • Monkeypox
  • Hepatitis A & B

Mild Pathogenic Potential

Large colonies of bacteria and fungi that are unique to an individual are present in the colon. Normally, these microbiota coexist with the body in a harmless, homeostatic relationship. However, introduction of non-native microorganisms can disrupt this delicate balance, leading to mild symptoms such as diarrhea, rash, and a weakened immune response.

  • Candida (Jock Itch)
  • COVID-19
  • Various Streptococcus

Odor Elimination

Because the fist chute also doubles as the lower GI tract, infiltration by fecal material can occur. The odor can easily be absorbed by the skin of the top. Handwashing with special disinfectants such as Listerine™ can remove lingering scents.

Coffee Grounds
citrus  Fruits
Baking Soda
Figure 1-3: Odor Eliminators

Fecal odors can be removed by any of the following: coffee grinds, citrus fruit rinds or juices, vinegar, toothpaste , Listerine™, and baking soda. Listerine™ is likely to be the most effective.

General hygiene

Before play, handwashing removes dirt, grime, and potential pathogens from the hands of the top. After a session, the hands and arms of a top are coated with lubricant and bodily fluids. Designated tools and specific techniques facilitate rapid and efficient clean-up.

Enhanced Trust

Apart from hygienic value, handwashing builds trust and confidence with bottoms. It is an outward demonstration of the respect for the bottom and concern for his health and well-being. Disregard for well-being affects the sub-conscious and results in anxiety and uncooperative or less cooperative holes.


The removal of fisting lubes can be a laborious process with just soap and water. Various tools improve the efficiency and speed of clean-up. These include advanced soaps, everyday solvents, abrasive and non-abrasive cleaning utensils, and ideally, specialized facilities.

Soaps and Solvents

Fisting lubes are intentionally formulated to resist easy clean-up. Their chemical composition promotes adherence to the skin, which reduces friction and drag during fisting. The same chemistry that promotes adherence and lubricity also decreases washability. Special soaps and solvents decrease the need for mechanical abrasion and prolific rinsing during clean-up.


Basic hand soap applied directly to lubricated paws often increases adherence and lubricity. The following soap alternatives are helpful:

  • Degreasers | Dishwashing detergents are usually the most effective soap for removing lipid-based and petroleum-based lubes such as Crisco, coconut oil, baby oil, and Vaseline®.
  • Aerosolized Degreasers | Dishwashing detergents in aerosol format reduce scrub time with PEO-based lubricants.
  • Abrasives | Soaps containing pumice , sand, bentonite, saw dust, and even oatmeal and nutshells tend to mechanically break the polymer chains of PEO-based lubes, making them easier to clean.
  • Sea Salts | Soaps with gritty sea salt combine mechanical and chemical factors to remove lube and exfoliate the skin. Typically, the salt levels are not high enough to drastically reduce sink time.

If abrasive soaps are your preferred clean-up agent, consider restricting your selection to natural agents only. Some abrasives use micro-plastics that contaminate our waterways and oceans.

Fast Orange Soap
Figure 1-9: Abrasive Soaps

Mechanic soaps, such as LAVA and Fast Orange, include micro-abrasives to expedite cleaning.


Any effort with just soap will require a substantial amount of mechanical abrasion to completely remove PEO-based lubes. Certain solvents coupled with soap expedite the removal. These solvents work by degrading the hydrogen and carbon bonds that exist in PEO polymer strands. The most commonly used solvent is table salt, although other products can also work effectively. Others include

  • Hair Conditioners | Since many shampoos have PEO or PEG components, conditioners are designed to remove residuals.
  • Shave Foams | Foams work better than gels, so the likely mechanism of operation is air and PEO destabilizers.
  • Alcohols | The chemical bonds in alcohol are weak and the base component (OH) plucks hydrogen off the chains to create water. The absenceof hydrogen changes the affinity of the polymer strands for one another.
  • Peroxides | Peroxides work in the similar fashion as alcohol but are more powerful because peroxide is just (OH).
  • Listerine™ | Whatever active ingredient that minimizes fecal odors also has the ability to destabilize the polymers of PEOs.

Provisions and Implements

In the context of this course, the term "provisions" refers to disposable items like paper towels and puppy pads, as well as washable cloth rags that are only used once before requiring cleaning. "Implements" refers to equipment that can be used repeatedly before needing disinfection.

Item Type Use Phase Notes
Paper Towels Provision Single Dry Good technique can reduce the quantity of squares used from many to few.
Puppy Pads/Chucks Provision Single Dry The dry portion of a chuck or puppy pad works as good as paper towels in dry phase removal.
Rag/Hand Towels Provision Single Dry Placing a collection bin for used towels prevents re-use and contamination between players.
Loofas Implement Multi Wet After use, rinse thoroughly and consider disinfecting after the session ends.
Scrub Pads Implement Multi Wet After use, rinse thoroughly and disinfect. Discard every three months.
Silicone Gizmos Implement Multi Wet Various designs are available. Rinse thoroughly after use and consider disinfecting after the session ends.
Wet Tools and Implements
Figure 2-1: Wet Phase Implements

Abrasive tools such as loofas or scour pads quickly remove any lube left after dry phase abrasions.


Sink Time

  1. NOUN the amount of time spent removing PEO-based lube during the wet phase of clean-up. It is directly proportional to efforts made to remove lube during the dry phase of clean-up.

Wet Phase

  1. NOUN the clean-up phase that utilizes water, soap, and solvents to remove PEO-based lube.

Dry Phase

  1. NOUN the clean-up phase where excess lube is squeegeed off the hand or arm using dry provisions prior to subjecting the hand or arm to any water or rinse.

To effectively clean up PEO-based lubes, mechanical abrasion is the most efficient approach, although solvents and soap can be used in latter phases. To begin the process, it is important to strategically remove the lube, starting with the use of single-use provisions such as paper towels, puppy pads, chucks, and hand towels to absorb any excess lube during the dry phase before introducing water.

If dry phase provisions are not utilized before exposing the arm to water, it can lead to a fourfold increase in sink time, even with the use of wet phase implements.

During the wet phase, various implements, such as loofas, scrubbing pads, and silicone cleaning tools, are employed to mechanically remove any remaining lube that was not eliminated during the dry phase.


Your handwashing routine can be influenced by the available facilities. An ideal setup would include a deep sink, automated water flows, and touch-free towel dispensers, which enable fisters to wash their hands effectively and reduce the risk of spreading germs.

In clubs, bars, and other locations where facilities may be inadequate, alternative measures are available for handwashing.


In this section: Etiquette | Standard Practices

Protocols include standard practices and etiquette followed by the majority of the fisting community. Typically, these are things that new fisters pick up over time.

This section is still in development. Please come back later for updates and functional links.


Etiquette refers to how you treat others in a specific fisting scenario. There are four etiquette guidelines related to handwashing.

Etiquette Explained

Who: Top

When: Prior to Session

What: Prerequisites

It’s hot to make out at the door; however, a lengthy handwashing should occur prior to any game of handball. From origination point until destination arrival, travelers handled or touched dozens of contaminated surfaces.

Anecdotal Narrative

Man Holding Rail
Figure 3-1: Contaminated Surfaces

Even prior to COVID-19, a trip anywhere involved touching many surfaces that are contaminated by everyday bacteria and viruses. Outside the hole, these may be harmless, but inside, they can wreak havoc.

Etiquette Explained

Who: Requestor

When: Throughout Session

What: Provisions

While BYOG (Bring Your Own Gloves) sounds reasonable, guys that only play S2S may not keep gloves in stock. The Provisions Matrix indicates that the responsibility falls upon the individual who requests gloves. This means a bottom who requires gloves will need to have several pairs of each size on hand, regardless of hosting or travelling for the session.

Anecdotal Narrative

Glove Dispensary
Figure 3-2: XS to XL

To ensure correct fit, the supply cabinet or bag should contain XS to XL size gloves.

Peter was a horse-hung-silver-fox-pocket-otter-gym-rat with no hang ups regarding masculinity. I had watched him top eager bottoms in his signature pink gloves for three days at Fist Fest. I knew his small hands would work wonders inside my hole. I approached him at breakfast on the final day of the event.

"Hey! You got any room on your dance card for me today?" I asked.

"Absolutely. I've been eyeing your hole for days" he responded and followed up with "I want to sink my elbow into you!"

"Great! Let's do this. But first, you gotta tell me what's the deal with the pink gloves?"

"I'm married to a non-fister. Obviously, we play separate; however, our agreement is that we wear protection when playing with others. Since most guys don't have XXL condoms or XS gloves, I provide my own." He continued, "I accidentally bought pink gloves several years ago, and it garnered so many comments that I've never bought any other color since."

"So, your condoms are pink, too?" I asked since I hadn't seen him topping with his cock.

"One could only hope that pink condoms would come in King size, but alas, you'll have to settle for transparent."

"So, I get both your hands and dick?"

"Both hands and dick? I'm not sure that's possible, but we can do jack-in-the-box. I've seen your hole, and I'm gonna jack-hammer the fuck out of you!"

We chatted a little more and sat up a play date for the afternoon. It was a great way to finish off the festival: pummeled in pink. The next time I ran out of gloves, I ordered pink replacements in honor of that epic event.

— FF Chronicles: 18.04.0275

Etiquette Explained

Who: Top

When: During Group Session

What: Infection Reduction

"It's the bottom's choice" is a common phrase you will hear when discussing glove etiquette. This would be true if gloves were always optional for both parties, but they are not. Sometimes, tops must wear gloves.

Neither party should be forced or harassed to fist in a manner with which they are not comfortable. Bottom's Choice should be replaced by Mutual Consent.

In group play, tops should practice good hygiene and wash hands thoroughly between bottoms. This prevents the spread of STIs such as gonorrhea, Hepatitis C, and HPV. If using lipid or PEO lubrication, about three to five minutes of handwashing is necessary.

Anecdotal Narrative

Gloved Hands Embracing
Figure 3-3: Bidirectional Consent

Both parties need to agree on glove usage prior to meeting.

A few years ago, a dear friend invited me for Pride weekend at his home in Houston. He wanted to fist for the first time and asked if I would bottom for him.

Can you bring all the supplies and gear, including gloves?
I prefer S2S when bottoming, but I do have gloves that I suppose I can bring if necessary. :(
Thanks, I'm still on heavy immunosuppressants from my kidney transplant and am concerned about infection.
Fuck! I forgot about the transplant. Of course, we can wear gloves—your health is more important to me than any of my silly hang-ups. Sorry about being an ass. I hope you forgive me...
No worries, just get your ass down here. I'm excited to try this out!

— FF Chronicles: 15.06.0041

The Such FFun podcast discusses glove shaming and consent between partners in Season 2 | Episode 6 - (FF Tops):

Etiquette Explained

Who: Top

When: Prior To and During

What: Consent

There are certain circumstances where washing hands prior to penetration is unlikely. Examples include:

  • Limited Facilities | A venue may have limited facilities
  • Multi-player Futility | A double-decker or chariot position without a lube wingman
  • Grunge | A session that is enhanced by ditching all protocols and concerns
  • Spontaneous Occurrence | An unexpected fisting with little or no prep time
  • Nature Preserves | Park, beach, or forest connections/locations

Regardless of the reason, it's effortless to quickly ask: "I haven't washed my hands, is that okay?"

In most circumstances, the bottom will consent or pull out a bottle of hand sanitizer.

Anecdotal Narrative

Gloved Hands Embracing
Figure 3-4: Consent to Skip Handwashing

Even with logical reasons for skipping handwashing, a top should always ask consent to breach the first ring without having previously washed his paws.

As the city and suburbs faded behind and the farmlands of the region grew more numerous, the topic of spontaneous, outdoor play arose.

"Did you ever see that picture of the guy riding a cob of corn still on the stalk in his cornfield?" I asked.

"No" he replied, "but I'm sure we can recreate it."

"Jejejejeje" I laughed, "I'm sure there have been hundreds of midwestern boys already do that. As they say: 'Corn Fed — Corn Bred!'" Jokingly, I continued "I'd prefer a fist in a cornfield instead."

The conversation shifted to other topics, and I dozed off only to be awakened some time later by the sound of the car on a gravel road.

"Are we there yet?" I asked.

"Not yet but take off your clothes. This will be fast and furious."

The car stopped a hundred meters from the main road. The corn stalks were almost shoulder high. I knew what to do and assumed the position."

"I left the hand-sanitizer in the car, lemme go get it."

"No, I think you can shove it in right now, right here. Deep, hard, and fast. It's okay to skip the formalities—we are in some random farmer's cornfield."

With that, he slipped right in. It was a great start to a long weekend at the FFarm.

— FF Chronicles: 17.08.0138

Standard Practices

Standard Practices refers to common sense behaviors related to fisting activities. There are three standard practices related to handwashing.

Practices Explained

Who: Host

When: Upon Guest Arrival

What: Infection Control

Between the time your guest departed his place until he arrived at your place, he has touched several dozen contaminated surfaces. Avoid spreading germs by allowing him to wash up with soap and water, regardless of his position as top or bottom.

Offering handwashing facilities upon his arrival should be as commonplace as offering him something to drink.

Once play has started, sinks stocked with soap and de-lubing agents such as salt, Dawn©, and loofas help remove lube and reduces transmission of STIs such as Hepatitis C. Handwashing facilities are critical for sanitary group play, as tops should wash up as they shuffle between bottoms.

Anecdotal Narrative

Man Petting Cat
Figure 3-5: Decreasing Germs

Humans touch hundreds of unclean surfaces daily. A simple handwashing removes most germs and decreases contamination of the hole.

My phone beeped with a message giving the all clear.

I'm out of the shower. Head on over!
OMW. See you shortly.
You want me blindfolded, ass up, lubed, and ready to go?
HOT! Fuck Yes!!!!!.
Just tell me where the sink is so I can wash up prior to wrecking your hole.
First door to the left. See you soon!

I grabbed my gear bag and car keys, locked the door and headed out. The neighbor stopped me in the corridor. Her dog, Jezabel, jumped up on me and begged to be petted. I scratched her ears, hugged the neighbor, and headed to the parking garage. The door handle to the garage was sticky. 'Yuck! This is nasty.' I said to myself as I grabbed the handle.

The rest of the drive was uneventful. I didn't touch much: the door handle, the gear shift, the mirror, the steering wheel, the blinker, the window controls, the seat belt, and the navigation controls.

The first door to the left was a coat closet; however, the first to the right was a sink. My handwashing gave him time to position his hole for immediate entry. Fisted the living hell out of his hole.

— FF Chronicles: 43.08.0072

Practices Explained

Who: Top

When: Throughout Session

What: Hygiene

Most venues are not built with post-fisting clean-up in mind. Sinks may be too shallow to wash. Soap may be unavailable. Faucets may have restricted water output.

Outdoor venues or semi-public areas usually lack proper clean-up facilities.

Bring and wear gloves when playing at these venues—especially if you are fisting more than one person.

Anecdotal Narrative

Eagle Bar Amsterdam has Limited Washrooms
Figure 3-5: Limited Facilities

Glove use decreases clean-up time and cross contamination of bottoms in venues with limited washing facilities.

I coordinated my first trip to Amsterdam to coincide with the Dirty Dicks monthly fisting party at the Amsterdam Eagle. I packed a small gear bag with lube, poppers, and gloves and headed to the venue to play.

The event did not disappoint. I bottomed for four different guys and topped six. Unfortunately, I only brought four pair of gloves. This led to a little predicament with Rene, my last bottom.

"I'd love to feel your guts when we are done with him" I told Rene as we alternated our hands in and out of Jon's gaping hole.

"Great, I'll go get ready" he replied and promptly disappeared to prep himself and lay claim to a sling.

Meanwhile, Jon had enough pummeling and called for a break-break. I cleaned him up and thanked him for the pleasure of playing inside him, S2S. Then I headed to the bathroom to clean up.

Although I hadn't noticed before (since I had worn gloves), the sink was incredibly shallow and the water only stayed on for a few seconds at a time. Jon was into width-play, so my arms were lube free, but it took ten minutes to completely wash just my hands. After finishing, I hustled out to the sling to delve into Rene's fagpit.

"I was beginning to think you had stood me up" Rene said as I approached.

"Yeah, I'm sorry. I didn't realize that cleaning up after Jon would take so much work. The sinks here are shallow and leave much to be desired."

"Well, my desire is for your hand arm. And my hole, it is anything but shallow! Push it in."

The rest is history.

— FF Chronicles: 18.12.0323

Etiquette Explained

Who: Top

When: Between Partners

What: Hygiene

If you are wearing gloves for hygienic reasons, you still need to wash your hands and lower forearms between partners.

Most gloves cover about about 2.5 centimeters (1 inch) up the wrist. The anal canal is that same length, if not a bit longer. This means that as a top playing with shallow bottoms, your wrist and lower forearm is still likely be exposed to lube. Any deeper play guarantees exposure unless you are wearing opera length gloves.

Washing the hands and forearms prevents transfering microorganisms into your bottom.

Anecdotal Narrative

Man Washing Arm
Figure 3-6: Full Arm Cleanse

While you may not need to scrub up to the shoulder, basic fisting typically exposes the lower forearm (above the glove line) to lube.

Erik and I had just wrapped up an intense fisting session where his small arms had slipped in past the elbow—a first for him. He had used both the right and left arms with depth play, but per my request, primarily played with the left arm.

After I said "OK, I'm done!", I asked him to hand me the paper towel roll.

"Oh, I'll clean you up good!" He said.

"I know you will, but it's not me that I'm worried about" I interupted. "Here, give me your arm."

I ripped three full squares of paper towels from the roll and laid them across my chest. Eric placed his arm on the squares, and I wrapped the edges around, covering his arm completely. I then carefully slid the towels down his arm until we passed the fingers.

"What's this for?" he asked.

"I find that if we don't squeegee the lube off now, your sink time will be 5-10 minutes clearing lube off your arm. And while it doesn't matter here with just the two of us and my deep sink, at events, you may not have the luxury of good washing facilities to clean up between bottoms. So when you wrap up with a deep bottom, always clean your arm first before starting on the bottom." I responded.

"Okay, I guess. I still don't understand why" he said, as he began wiping lube from my ass.

"You'll see in a few minutes."

Fast forward eight minutes. Erik is at the sink, scrubbing desparately on his right arm. Since the lube had already dried on this arm, we didn't squeegee it immediately after the session ended.

"I get your point! I've never had to spend this much time cleaning up because I've never had lube this high. The left arm was easy, but this right arm is taking forever."

"Can you imagine if you were playing with a group! High clean-up takes a while, so do what you can to minimize your efforts, but always - always - always respect your bottom and clean up your entire arm so he isn't exposed to contaminants from the last guy."

— FF Chronicles: 21.09.0524

Techniques and Guides

This section is still in development. Please come back later for updates and functional links.

The following instructional guide(s) will help you:

  • Procedure...

    Wash Up Prior to Session Start (Hospital/Aseptic Technique)

Steps / Procedure

  1. Turn the faucet on and adjust to ideal temperature.
  2. Wet your hands.
  3. Apply soap (bar or liquid) and begin lathering.
  4. Scrubbing the following for thirty seconds:
    • Palms of hands
    • Nails and cuticles
    • Fingers and between fingers, including thumb
    • Back of hands
    • 7.5 cm (3 inches) above the wrist
  5. Rinse for 10 seconds.
  6. Leave faucet running.
  7. Grab paper towels and dry off thoroughly.
  8. Once dry, use the paper towel in your hand to turn off the water.
Use Paper Towel To Turn Off Faucet
Figure 4-1: Recontamination

Using the paper towel to turn off water prevents recontamination from the dirty faucet.

  • Liquid dishwashing soap (ideal)
  • Bar soap (less ideal)
  • Paper towels


Water temperature is irrelevant to disinfection. Soap and scrubbing for 30 seconds is key. In English, the children's Alphabet Song ( A B C D E F G...) lasts 15 seconds. Repeat it twice in your head as you are handwashing to ensure sufficient time to remove dirt, grime, and infectious agents.

  • Procedure...

    Effectively Remove PEO and Lipid-based Lubes From Hands

Steps / Procedure

  1. Remove all wet lube from your hands while still at the sling or bedside using the Wallpaper Aftercare Technique or the Squeegee Technique.
  2. At this time, discard any paper towels, rags, chucks, or pads used in this process to prevent future recontamination.
  3. Proceed to the faucet, touching as few surfaces as possible.
  4. At the faucet, apply soap or solvent to your dry skin and lather up prior to wetting your hands*:
    • For lipid and petroleum-based (for example, Crisco™ and Vaseline™) lubes, use liquid or aerosol dishwashing soap.
    • For PEO-based lubes (J, K, X and FFausten), use one of the solvents listed above.
  5. Turn the water on.
  6. Rinse the soap or solvent with rapid friction or squeegee techniques.
  7. Repeat a second round of washing using the Hospital/Aseptic Technique (above).

*If your solvent is salt, you will need to rehydrate your hands prior to application.

Figure 4-2: Squeegee Technique

Wiping rehydrated lube off with the Squeegee Technique decreases scrub time.

  • Paper towels, rags, or dry sections of chucks/pads
  • Liquid dish washing soap
  • Various solvents for PEO-based lubes (i.e. salt, Barbosol™ shave cream, hair conditioner)


If you implement the Wallpaper Aftercare Technique for cleaning up the bottom, you can effectively remove 75% of lube on your hands at the sling or bedside.

Do not take offense if a bottom asks to examine your hands prior to playing to ensure you followed appropriate handwashing techniques.

  • Procedure...

    Reduce Sink Time after Depth Fisting

Steps / Procedure

  1. Remain at the sling or bedside with the bottom on his back.
  2. Lay a strand of four sheets of paper towels across his abdomen.
  3. Place your arm on top of the strand of sheets, then wrap the sheets around the arm and hand.
  4. Have the bottom wrap his hands around the paper towels just above the bicep.
  5. Pull away from the bottom so that he squeegees the arm as you retract. The majority of the lube should be gone.
  6. Wipe up the bottom and help him dismount before heading to the sink.
  7. Apply shave cream, conditioner, or aerosolized dishsoap to the dry arm.
  8. Apply water and rinse. If necessary, repeat the Squeegee Technique (steps 3 through 5) on your own without the bottom, then scrub and rinse.
Man with Paper Towels on Arm
Figure 4-3: Four Sheets

The four sheets are wrapped around the arm in the Wallpaper Technique fashion.

  • Paper towels, rags, or dry sections of chucks/pads
  • Aerosolized or liquid dishwashing soap
  • Various solvents for PEO-based lubes (i.e. salt, Barbosol™ shave cream, hair conditioner)


Before you start fisting, it's a good idea to prep your paper towels for post session clean-up. Make a stack of several singles (for cleaning up the bottom) and to the side, make a stack of the sheets for your arm.

  • Procedure...

    Wash Up at Locations with Limited Facilities

Steps / Procedure

  1. Lay your extended measuring tape on a flat surface with the measurement side facing down.
  2. Position your hand on the tape. Your hand will be:
    • Palm down
    • Five centimeters (two inches) from the end of the tape
    • Intersecting the tape perpendicularly, with one end just below the pinky and the other end in the crook of the thumb and index finger
  3. Wrap both ends of the tape over the top of your hand.
  4. Mark the measurement where the tape intersects.
  5. Use the size chart to determine your glove size.
Measuring Circumference
Figure 4-9: Intercept Point

Glove size is determined based on the circumference measured with a flat palm.

  • Flexible cloth measuring tape, or...
  • Sheet of office paper, pen, and ruler

Recording Tips / Alternative Methods

If you do not have a measuring tape, take a sheet of letter or legal paper and wrap it around your hand as directed above. Use the long side of the paper, as most hands are eight to ten inches around. Mark where the paper meets, then use a ruler to determine the length of the marked paper.