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Physical Barriers Between Tops and Bottoms

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Author: Finn Vortex

Published: 21 December 2022

Duration: 10 Minutes

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Donning Gloves | Ditching Gloves | Protocols | Glove Selection | Lubrication Considerations

Executive Summary

Discussion of the role of gloves in fisting, including rationale for and against use. Review of protocols including standard practices and glove etiquette. Tips for selecting gloves, including how to measure the hand. Lube practices when gloves are in use.

Donning Gloves

In this section: Safety | Scene and Stimulation | Sanitation

There are multiple reasons for using gloves or finger cots while fisting. The most common reason involves safety, but other factors, such as establishing a specific scene/mood or facilitating an easy clean-up, are also common considerations.


Finger Cot

  1. NOUN a medical device used to cover one or more fingers in situations where a full glove seems unnecessary.
  2. NOUN a finger condom.
Finger Cot
Figure 1-1: Finger Cots

Finger cots can cover a wound on a single finger thus preventing the need for a full glove.


Safety concerns are the most common reason for using gloves or cots. Gloves decrease STI transmission, reduce wound exposure, and mitigate rougher nails.

STI Transmission

Gloves are similar to condoms. If used correctly, they decrease the transmission of membrane and skin-based microorganisms between partners.

For example, during the primary and secondary stages of syphilis, the bacteria can easily be transferred between partners via skin-to-skin or skin-to-membrane contact.

Other contact-based microorganisms, such as MRSA, HPV, HSV, and molluscum contagiosum, can also be transmitted via simple contact, although these organisms are less common on hands and arms.

Wound Exposure

Transmission of bloodborne pathogens, such as HIV and hepatitis, can occur when a wound on the hand or arm is exposed to blood from the bottom.

The lining of the fist chute is rich in capillary beds. These small vessels tear and bleed with any continual pressure. Although blood from these tears may not be visible, it is always present.

Cuts, scabs, scratches, or hangnails create an exchange point, especially when moisture and friction from fisting re-open a sealed wound. If blood flow isn't heavy, transmission is extremely uncommon but not impossible.

The greatest danger for transmission exists during group events. Tops can transport microorganisms between bottoms if gloves or proper hygiene procedures are not used.

Rough Nails

Experienced fisters understand that nail prep is extremely important in preventing injury. Because of the fast growth of nails, preparation is best when completed on the day of the fisting session.

If nails are neatly trimmed, yet still long enough or rough enough to fail the bottom's screening process, gloves or cots can be used to prevent scratching and damaging the fist chute.

Unmanicured Nails
Figure 1-2: Unmanicured Nails

Gloves can decrease the risk of injury when nails are trimmed but still short not enough.

Scene and Stimulation

Figure 1-3: Setting the Tone

Certain types of gloves can intensify the eroticism of a session. While leather and neoprene gloves are atypical for fisting, seamless rubber, silicone, and latex can increase stimulation in and around the anal verge.

While a majority of fisters prefer skin-to-skin (S2S) play, some are inspired and aroused by gloves. Usage can enhance the visual and tactile fisting experience. Others find that gloves introduce additional friction or drag inside the fist chute. This additional stimulation can be pleasurable for some and aggravating for others.

Figure 1-4: Specialized Gloves

Specialized gloves can increase the width of the hand or provide additional texture.

Textured Glove
Lengthier Glove


Gloves make clean-up easier in three ways: reduced scrub time, reduced odor absorption, and reduced transference to inanimate objects.

PEO-, silicone-, and lipid-based lubes do not easily wash off with traditional soap. Special tools, special soap, or extensive sink time is needed to completely remove these lubes from the skin. Gloves prevent direct contact of lube with the skin. This decreases almost all scrub time at the sink. It also prevents the transfer of odors (from Crisco or fecal material) into the skin.

Many public fisting venues lack the appropriate facilities for hand washing. In places where washing facilities are limited, gloves reduce dependence on sinks and soaps—thus eliminating lube transference between bottoms. Likewise, gloves decrease transference of lube to inanimate objects outside of the play area. Lube tainted gloves are removed and disposed of prior to exiting the play space.

Textured Glove
Figure 1-5: Reduced Clean-up Effort

Scrubbing off lube from hands takes time and requires substantial effort. Gloves can eliminate this issue almost entirely.

Ditching Gloves

In this section: Connection | Sensation | Irritation | Futility

Glove usage varies across the globe. Even regionally, different communities practice different standards. The most common reasons for ditching gloves include connection, sensation, irritation, and futility.


Tops and bottoms often choose to play without gloves because of a belief that the physical barrier of a glove affects connection. The rationale for this belief comes from a well-documented physiological response associated with touch called the oxytocin effect. In human evolution, this hormone developed to foster bonding between mother and newborn. Simple S2S contact triggers the effect. Scientists later discovered that oxytocin isn’t limited to mothers and their newborns. In fact, any gentle S2S contact releases the oxytocin in all humans, triggering bonding. Oxytocin has since been nicknamed the cuddle hormone.


Oxytocin Effect

  1. Noun A physiological response to skin-to-skin touch that triggers bonding and connection, usually observed between newborns and their mothers, but also fisting bottoms and their tops.

Due to limited scientific studies regarding fisting and human sexuality, there are no data to demonstrate that gloved-play blocks the oxytocin effect. In fact, any play inside the fist chute is unlikely to trigger the oxytocin effect due to the types of nerves in the lower GI tract. Physical touch elsewhere on the body is the actual trigger. Like condoms, the disconnect experienced when wearing gloves may be psychological instead of physiological.


Tops may avoid using gloves because it decreases sensory input. Many tops are aroused by the velvet-like texture of the rectum. Some claim that gloves impede their senses when exploring at deeper levels which puts the bottom at risk.

Except for the anal canal, the fist chute has no touch sensation. Pressure sensation in the bones and tissues provides pleasure once the hand is completely enveloped inside the fist chute. The pressure receptors allow bottoms to experience the sensation of drag, which can be uncomfortable.


There are three causes for irritation:

  • Allergic Response | It is estimated that just 1% of the population has latex allergies, yet, after talking with fisters, one would think 99% of the population has latex allergies. "Allergic irritation" may be due to powder residue from gloves as it interacts with the chemical balance of the hole.
  • Drag | Gloves can have a squeegee effect on lube coated intestinal tissue resulting in inflamed mucosal cells. The inflamed cells perceive drag as the source of damage and transmit signals to the brain. The brain recognizes the sensation as discomfort instead of pain and tightens the hole to prevent further damage.
  • Binding and Pinching | Poor fitting gloves catch, bind, and pinch mucosal cells of the fist chute, which causes inflammation and swelling. Swollen tissues are then more prone to pinching and binding, so the brain closes the hole up, and reduces play time. Texture on gloves that allows for better grip also irritates mucosal tissues. Flipping the glove inside out eliminates this texture.
Textured Glove
Figure 2-1: Latex Allergies and Bananas

Mouth tingling due to strawberries, bananas, and some other fruits is a good indicator of a latex allergy.


Depth play preferences also determine whether to don or ditch gloves. The argument for ditching is that unless the gloves are opera length, there is direct contact between skin and fist chute tissue, thus making gloves useless. The argument for donning gloves is that once a hand is in the hole, it is not extracted frequently thus decreasing lower hole irritation while providing protection for the upper chute.

Textured Glove
Billed Glove
Lengthier Glove
Lengthier Glove
Figure 2-2: Barrier Futility

@FFFin5 and @xtremefister demonstrate why gloves may be futile for barrier protection, but still important for personal preference.


In this section: Etiquette | Standard Practices

Protocols include standard practices and etiquette followed by the majority of the fisting community. Typically, these are things that new fisters pick up over time.


Etiquette refers to how you treat others in a specific fisting scenario. There are three etiquette guidelines related to gloves.

Etiquette Explained

Who: Top and Bottom

When: Prior to Session

What: Prerequisites

People typically do not use gloves when playing in a private residence or hotel room with a single partner or small group (less than five people). People may opt for gloves in larger groups, with depth play, or in venues with inadequate washing facilities.

Do not assume your partner follows these practices. Specify—before you meet—your preferences or your present needs that alter your preferences. For example, if you generally play without gloves but have a cut on your hand and need protection, you should inform your partner before scheduling a session.

Anecdotal Narrative

Man Texting
Figure 3-1: Glove Notification

Informing your partner regarding your play requirements prior to meeting can prevent awkward situations in a fisting session.

Edgar and I have a standing fist session on the first Thursday morning of every month. We've always played S2S, but this month, I had cut my finger and the wound was still healing. I would need to wear gloves.

We still on for Thursday?
Yep. I'm game! I cut my finger last week and it's still healing. Do you mind if I use gloves?
I'm glad you asked.
My hole doesn't really respond well to gloves. I can just top this time, or we can wait for another week or so.
I've never been one to turn down being the designated bottom. See you at 9:30!

We averted a crisis because I wasn't planning on cleaning out that day to allow him to be the designated bottom.

— FF Chronicles: 22.08.0400

Etiquette Explained

Who: Requestor

When: Throughout Session

What: Provisions

While BYOG (Bring Your Own Gloves) sounds reasonable, guys that only play S2S may not keep gloves in stock. The Provisions Matrix indicates that the responsibility falls upon the individual who requests gloves. This means a bottom who requires gloves will need to have several pairs of each size on hand, regardless of hosting or travelling for the session.

Anecdotal Narrative

Glove Dispensary
Figure 3-2: XS to XL

To ensure correct fit, the supply cabinet or bag should contain XS to XL size gloves.

Peter was a horse-hung-silver-fox-pocket-otter-gym-rat with no hang ups regarding masculinity. I had watched him top eager bottoms in his signature pink gloves for three days at Fist Fest. I knew his small hands would work wonders inside my hole. I approached him at breakfast on the final day of the event.

"Hey! You got any room on your dance card for me today?" I asked.

"Absolutely. I've been eyeing your hole for days" he responded and followed up with "I want to sink my elbow into you!"

"Great! Let's do this. But first, you gotta tell me what's the deal with the pink gloves?"

"I'm married to a non-fister. Obviously, we play separate; however, our agreement is that we wear protection when playing with others. Since most guys don't have XXL condoms or XS gloves, I provide my own." He continued, "I accidentally bought pink gloves several years ago, and it garnered so many comments that I've never bought any other color since."

"So, your condoms are pink, too?" I asked since I hadn't seen him topping with his cock.

"One could only hope that pink condoms would come in King size, but alas, you'll have to settle for transparent."

"So, I get both your hands and dick?"

"Both hands and dick? I'm not sure that's possible, but we can do jack-in-the-box. I've seen your hole, and I'm gonna jack-hammer the fuck out of you!"

We chatted a little more and sat up a play date for the afternoon. It was a great way to finish off the festival: pummeled in pink. The next time I ran out of gloves, I ordered pink replacements in honor of that epic event.

— FF Chronicles: 18.04.0275

Etiquette Explained

Who: Top and Bottom

When: Throughout Session

What: Consent

"It's the bottom's choice" is a common phrase you will hear when discussing glove etiquette. This would be true if gloves were always optional for both parties, but they are not. Sometimes, tops must wear gloves.

Neither party should be forced or harassed to fist in a manner with which they are not comfortable. Bottom's Choice should be replaced by Mutual Consent.

Anecdotal Narrative

Gloved Hands Embracing
Figure 3-3: Bidirectional Consent

Both parties need to agree on glove usage prior to meeting.

A few years ago, a dear friend invited me for Pride weekend at his home in Houston. He wanted to fist for the first time and asked if I would bottom for him.

Can you bring all the supplies and gear, including gloves?
I prefer S2S when bottoming, but I do have gloves that I suppose I can bring if necessary. :(
Thanks, I'm still on heavy immunosuppressants from my kidney transplant and am concerned about infection.
Fuck! I forgot about the transplant. Of course, we can wear gloves—your health is more important to me than any of my silly hang-ups. Sorry about being an ass. I hope you forgive me...
No worries, just get your ass down here. I'm excited to try this out!

— FF Chronicles: 15.06.0041

The Such FFun podcast discusses glove shaming and consent between partners in Season 2 | Episode 6 - (FF Tops):

Standard Practices

Standard Practices refers to common sense behaviors related to fisting activities. There are four standard practices related to gloves.

Practices Explained

Who: Top

When: Prior to Insertion

What: Hygiene

If you use gloves to prevent introducing microorganisms into the fist chute, then timing for donning gloves is critical.

Help the bottom get situated in the sling or fisting arena, then put your gloves on immediately before penetration.

Anecdotal Narrative

Contamination Gloves
Figure 3-4: Early Contamination

Helping a bottom into the stirrups after donning gloves is counterproductive. Gloves become contaminated prior to entering the hole.

Larry Shockey, the originator of FISTFEST, shares this piece of advice in his book, the Sacred Art of Fisting:

"I’ve seen lots of tops glove up, put the bottom’s feet into the stirrups, adjust the chains, arrange the papers on the floor, and then reach for the lube. NO! NO! NO! I’ve even had tops drop a glove on the floor and bend down to retrieve it to put it on. NO! Gloves are cheap. It’s easy to forget. Just throw away the contaminated glove and get a clean one."

— Sacred Art of Fisting, 2012

Practices Explained

Who: Top

When: Throughout Session

What: Hygiene

Most venues are not built with post-fisting clean-up in mind. Sinks may be too shallow to wash. Soap may be unavailable. Faucets may have restricted water output.

Outdoor venues or semi-public areas usually lack proper clean-up facilities.

Bring and wear gloves when playing at these venues—especially if you are fisting more than one person.

Anecdotal Narrative

Eagle Bar Amsterdam has Limited Washrooms
Figure 3-5: Limited Facilities

Glove use decreases clean-up time and cross contamination of bottoms in venues with limited washing facilities.

I coordinated my first trip to Amsterdam to coincide with the Dirty Dicks monthly fisting party at the Amsterdam Eagle. I packed a small gear bag with lube, poppers, and gloves and headed to the venue to play.

The event did not disappoint. I bottomed for four different guys and topped six. Unfortunately, I only brought four pair of gloves. This led to a little predicament with Rene, my last bottom.

"I'd love to feel your guts when we are done with him" I told Rene as we alternated our hands in and out of Jon's gaping hole.

"Great, I'll go get ready" he replied and promptly disappeared to prep himself and lay claim to a sling.

Meanwhile, Jon had enough pummeling and called for a break-break. I cleaned him up and thanked him for the pleasure of playing inside him, S2S. Then I headed to the bathroom to clean up.

Although I hadn't noticed before (since I had worn gloves), the sink was incredibly shallow and the water only stayed on for a few seconds at a time. Jon was into width-play, so my arms were lube free, but it took ten minutes to completely wash just my hands. After finishing, I hustled out to the sling to delve into Rene's fagpit.

"I was beginning to think you had stood me up" Rene said as I approached.

"Yeah, I'm sorry. I didn't realize that cleaning up after Jon would take so much work. The sinks here are shallow and leave much to be desired."

"Well, my desire is for your hand and arm. And my hole, it is anything but shallow! Push it in."

The rest is history.

— FF Chronicles: 18.12.0323

Etiquette Explained

Who: Top

When: Between Partners

What: Hygiene

If you are wearing gloves for hygienic reasons, you still need to wash your hands and lower forearms between partners.

Most gloves cover about about 2.5 centimeters (1 inch) up the wrist. The anal canal is that same length, if not a bit longer. This means that as a top playing with shallow bottoms, your wrist and lower forearm is still likely be exposed to lube. Any deeper play guarantees exposure unless you are wearing opera length gloves.

Washing the hands and forearms prevents transfering microorganisms into your bottom.

Anecdotal Narrative

Man Washing Arm
Figure 3-6: Full Arm Cleanse

While you may not need to scrub up to the shoulder, basic fisting typically exposes the lower forearm (above the glove line) to lube.

Erik and I had just wrapped up an intense fisting session where his small arms had slipped in past the elbow—a first for him. He had used both the right and left arms with depth play, but per my request, primarily played with the left arm.

After I said "OK, I'm done!", I asked him to hand me the paper towel roll.

"Oh, I'll clean you up good!" He said.

"I know you will, but it's not me that I'm worried about" I interupted. "Here, give me your arm."

I ripped three full squares of paper towels from the roll and laid them across my chest. Eric placed his arm on the squares, and I wrapped the edges around, covering his arm completely. I then carefully slid the towels down his arm until we passed the fingers.

"What's this for?" he asked.

"I find that if we don't squeegee the lube off now, your sink time will be 5-10 minutes clearing lube off your arm. And while it doesn't matter here with just the two of us and my deep sink, at events, you may not have the luxury of good washing facilities to clean up between bottoms. So when you wrap up with a deep bottom, always clean your arm first before starting on the bottom." I responded.

"Okay, I guess. I still don't understand why" he said, as he began wiping lube from my ass.

"You'll see in a few minutes."

Fast forward eight minutes. Eric is at the sink, scrubbing desparately on his right arm. Since the lube had already dried on this arm, we didn't squeegee it immediately after the session ended.

"I get your point! I've never had to spend this much time cleaning up because I've never had lube this high. The left arm was easy, but this right arm is taking forever."

"Can you imagine if you were playing with a group! High clean-up takes a while, so do what you can to minimize your efforts, but always - always - always respect your bottom and clean up your entire arm so he isn't exposed to contaminants from the last guy."

— FF Chronicles: 21.09.0524

Practices Explained

Who: Top

When: Throughout Event

What: Hygiene

Disposable gloves are cheap and plentiful. Never put your partner at risk for contamination by wearing the same gloves between bottoms.

Anecdotal Narrative

Trash Can Full of Gloves
Figure 3-7: Changing Gloves

Disposable gloves should be removed and discarded after each partner.

Ethan told the group that he had cut his hand yesterday and needed to wear gloves during the play party today. All of the bottoms in attendance agreed, even though S2S was the standard for the regular play parties.

"Do I need to change gloves between bottoms?" he asked.

"I'd prefer you did. Even though I'm not a fan of gloves, if we have to use them, we might as well get full benefit from them" said Zeke, another bottom at the party.

"I agree. Gloves tend to agitate holes and cause more inflamation. While I don't think this necessarily increases transmission of microorganisms, it certainly will eliminate any concern. Besides, when you go to big parties, the standard is don't reuse gloves between holes." I replied.

By the end of the party, the trash can was half full of gloves. Ethan looked at the stack with a sense of pride and accomplishment.

"Damn boy, that's a ton of gloves. You must be a content soul right now!" a group member exclaimed.

Ethan smiled.

"My hand is very, very happy."

— FF Chronicles: 21.10.0533

Glove Selection

In this section: Material | Color | Environmental Impact | Size

Gloves can set the scene or exist solely as a peripheral safety component. With the exception of size/fit, selection of the appropriate glove is largely a matter of personal preference.


Gloves are manufactured from rubber, plastic, silicone, and leather.

  • Leather | Fisting with leather gloves is often limited to niche porn and extreme leather fetishists.
  • For the general population, use is uncommon due to the following reasons:
    • Lubes damage leather
    • Seams cause drag and discomfort in bottoms
    • Microorganisms flourish in pores and seams which makes leather unsanitary
    • Snug fit gloves are pricey and difficult to find
Leather Gloves
Figure 4-1: Leather Degradation

Certain lubrication, such as Vaseline, can damage leather.

  • Plastic | Vinyl, TPE, and PVC are the most common materials used in plastic gloves. The fit varies based on price and purpose.
  • For example, food-handling gloves (vinyl and TPE) are cheap but fit poorly. PVC gloves include loose-fitting cleaning gloves and skin-tight fetish wear. Plasticizers in all of these gloves may interact poorly with certain lubes. Usage is uncommon with most fisting.

Thermoplastic Elastomer (TPE)

  1. NOUN a flexible and rubber-like material that processes like plastic, common in sex toys and gear.
Vinyl Gloves
Figure 4-2: Vinyl Gloves

Most readily available vinyl fits poorly and agitates holes.

TPE Gloves
Figure 4-3: TPE Gloves

TPE gloves lack the elasticity of latex gloves.

Sex Gloves
Figure 4-4: PVC Gloves

PVC gloves come in a variety of thicknesses for different uses.

PVC Cleaning Gloves
Figure 4-5: PVC Gloves (Catsuit)

Some catsuits and gloves are made of PVC.

  • Silicone | Play with silicone gloves is uncommon due to the unavailability of well-fitting, well-designed gloves. Medical grade silicone is also too pricey for use in disposable gloves.
  • Latex | The most ubiquitous gloves are manufactured from natural or synthetic rubber. Rubber is a term that often used synonymously with latex; however, they are not exact synonyms. Latex, when used alone without a preceding adjective, refers to natural rubber. Latex is harvested from rubber trees and contains proteins from the trees that sometimes trigger allergies.
  • Synthetic latex includes rubbers such as neoprene (and rubber-like fabrics) and nitrile. Gloves used in medical settings today are often nitrile because the material is protein-free and less likely to trigger allergies. Nitrile gloves are less likely to deteriorate when exposed to lipid- and petroleum-based lubrications.


Gloves come in a variety colors; however, the most ubiquitous colors include black, blue, and white. The composite material of the glove, such as vinyl, latex, nitrile, affects the intensity of color.

Many men prefer black and red gloves over other colors because black and red are most commonly associated with fisting. While they may seem appropriate, they have the potential to mask early signs of bleeding. Consider lighter shades such as blue, white, or green if safety is your primary concern.

Multi-colored Gloves
Figure 4-6: Color Options

Disposable gloves made of vinyl, latex, or nitrile are offered in various different colors. Selection may be influenced by your specific safety needs.

Environmental Impact

Rubber Plantation
Figure 4-7: Latex Harvest

Latex is a biodegradable material derived from rubber trees. Latex gloves may have additional additives (such as dyes) that are harmful to the environment after decomposition.

Some fisters base glove selection on environmental impact. The least impactful and most impractical option is a set of long-lasting, reusable gloves that can be sanitized between uses.

With disposable gloves, the following considerations apply:

  • Vinyl | Vinyl gloves are non-degradable and a source of microplastics.
  • TPE | TPE, by design, doesn't degrade in conditions of heat or moisture. It is also a major source of microplastics.
  • Latex | Latex gloves should fully disintegrate within five years in a landfill when voluntary ISO manufacturing standards are followed. Manufacturers may opt out of these standards. This means that latex gloves may have non-degradable or toxic substances such as plasticizers that have detrimental environmental impacts. Even so, latex is the most environmentally friendly option.
  • Nitrile | Nitrile will also degrade completely within 50 to 100 years, depending on the manufacturing process. A few manufactures have designed nitrile gloves with special enzymes that accelerate decomposition rates to periods similar to latex. Search for biodegradable nitrile gloves to locate vendors that provide this type of glove.


Appropriate Fit

Loose gloves agitate a hole and result in early termination of a session. Gloves should have a tight, snug fit to prevent drag and pinching.

Disposable gloves are unisex with universal sizing. The best way to determine your glove size is to sample different sizes while visiting your doctor's office.

If this option is unavailable, measure your hand and use the following sizing chart to determine your size.

Skin Tight Gloves
Loose Fitting Gloves
Figure 4-8: Snug Fit Gloves Decrease Agitation

Wrinkles after application indicates a glove is too large for the hand. Consider one size smaller to eliminate discomfort in the bottom.

Unisex Sizing Chart
Size cm inch
XXS 16.5 6.5
XS 17.5 7.0
S 19.0 7.5
M 20.0 8.0
L 23.0 9.0
XL 24.0 9.5
XXL 25.5 10.0
XXXL 28.0 11.0
Table 4-1: Disposable Glove Size Chart

While XXS, XS, XXL, and XXXL gloves are available, most men fall within the S - XL range.


The following instructional guide(s) will help you:

  • Procedure...

    Measure Hand For Glove Size

Steps / Procedure

  1. Lay your extended measuring tape on a flat surface with the measurement side facing down.
  2. Position your hand on the tape. Your hand will be:
    • Palm down
    • Five centimeters (two inches) from the end of the tape
    • Intersecting the tape perpendicularly, with one end just below the pinky and the other end in the crook of the thumb and index finger
  3. Wrap both ends of the tape over the top of your hand.
  4. Mark the measurement where the tape intersects.
  5. Use the size chart to determine your glove size.
Measuring Circumference
Figure 4-9: Intercept Point

Glove size is determined based on the circumference measured with a flat palm.

  • Flexible cloth measuring tape, or...
  • Sheet of office paper, pen, and ruler

Recording Tips / Alternative Methods

If you do not have a measuring tape, take a sheet of letter or legal paper and wrap it around your hand as directed above. Use the long side of the paper, as most hands are eight to ten inches around. Mark where the paper meets, then use a ruler to determine the length of the marked paper.

Lubrication Considerations

Skin will typically absorb lube and decrease drag. This allows for greater variability in the viscosity of the lube. Both thick and thin lubes are functionally appropriate. By design, gloves do not replicate this state.

Gloves tend to repel lube, especially with a tight first ring or collapsed upper fist chute (in depth play). A tight, first ring can effectively squeegee off the majority of lube applied to the glove. To counter the squeegee effect, you can do the following items:

  • Increase Viscosity | Thicker lubes are more likely to coat the glove and less likely to lost during insertion.
  • Increase Application Frequency | Keep the lube bottle in your free hand and apply lube more frequently, at least once every minute, if not more (especially at the beginning and end of a session).
  • Modify Application Method | Instead of external application, try funneling lube into the hole with a douche bulb or using the U-shaped hand to feed lube inside a gaping hole.
Funneling Lube Into a Hole
5-1: Lube Funnel

Funneling lube into a gaping hole allows for internal lubrication of a glove eliminates lube loss due to the squeegee effect.