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Member Clubs (and Event Producers)

Clubs are organized alphabetically by city.

Austin, TX | Social Club |

Austin City FFlipers Logo

Austin City FFlippers

Atlanta, GA | Social Club |

Peach Palls Logo Logo

Peach Pals

Boston, MA | Social Club |

Loosen UP Boston Logo

Loosen Up Boston

Charlotte, NC | Social Club |

Queen City Fist Club Logo

Queen City Fist Club

Chicago, IL | Social Club |

Mafia Logo


Cleveland, OH | Social Club |

Forest City Fist Club Logo

Forest City Fist Club

Columbus, OH | Social Club |

61 Fist Logo

61 Fist

Dallas, TX | Social Club |

FFeral Guys Logo

FFeral Guys

Denver, CO | Social Club |

Mile High Fisters Logo

Mile High Fisters

Houston, TX | Social Club |

Space City Fisters Logo

Space City Fisters

Kansas City, MO | Social Club |

KC Fist Logo

KC Fist

Long Beach, CA | Social Club |

Socal Fisting Club Logo

Socal Fisting Club

Los Angeles, CA | Social Club |

Red Hanky Club Logo

Red Hanky Club

Lindon, NJ | Social Club |

Jersey Fists Association Logo

Jersey Fisting Association

New York City, NY | Producer |

Manhole NYC Logo

Manhole NYC

Montreal, QC | Social Club |

Fist Fucking Fuckers Logo

Fist Fucking Fuckers

Minneapolis, MN | Social Club |

Twin Cities Cavern Dwellers Logo

Twin City Cavern Dwellers

Orlando, FL| Social Club |

Orlando Mens Fisting Group Logo

Orlando Men's Fisting Group

Philadelphia, PA | Social Club |

Philly Phisters Logo

Philly Phisters

Pittsburg, PA | Social Club |

Steel City Fist Club Logo

Steel City Fist Club

Portland, OR | Social Club |

PDX Dungeon Party Logo

PDX Dungeon Party

Salt Lake City, UT| Social Club |

Black Boots Red Hanky Social Logo

Blackboots Red Hanky Social Club

San Francisco| Social Club |

Red Hanky Socials

Red Hanky Socials

San Francisco| Event Producer |

Fist 1503

Fist 1503

San Francisco| Event Producer |



Seattle, WA | Social Club |

Menagerie Fisting Seattle Logo

Menagerie Fisting Seattle

Seattle, WA | Social Club |

Punch Out Logo

Punch Out

Tampa Bay, FL | Social Club |

Tampa Bay Fisters Social Group Logo

The Tampa Bay Fisters Social Group

Toronto, ON | Event Producer |

Code Red Logo

Code Red

Washington, DC | Social Club |

DC Fist Social Logo

DC Fist Social

Affiliated Organizations and Vendors

These organizations also participate in the FFist Council; but are not membership groups.

World Wide | Facebook Group |

F-Squared Logo

F2 [F-Squared (FF)]

World Wide | Vendor |

Jim Support Logo

Jim Support

World Wide | Vendor |

FFäusten Logo


About FFist Council

FFist Council is a loose confederacy of clubs that work together to promote fisting around the world. At this time member clubs hail from the USA and Canada; however, the council welcomes clubs from anywhere around the world. There is no official organization or leadership for the FFist Council; however, if you are interested in affiliating your club with the council, please reach out to the Steel City Fist Club for assistance.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does my club Join the FFist Council?

To participate in the council, you must use either X (Twitter) or Telegram as all business is conducted informally on either of those apps.

On X, message @depthvortex (F2) or @sofftpaw (The Steel City Fist Club) to be added to the group. On Telegram, message @marshall_identities (F2) or @sofftpaw (The Steel City Fist Club).

Is the FFist Council limited to North America?

Originally, the National FFist Council started in the USA. Within a few months, it began adding clubs in Canada and dropped National from its name to be more inclusive. The council is not opposed to adding member clubs from around the world.

Is there a leader of the FFist Council?

There is no formal charter and no designated leader of the council; however, @sofftpaw has been instrumental in maintaining the group and recruiting new clubs. He is usually the invidual that will add you to the Telegram and X groups. Finn Vortex (@depthvortes and @marshall_identities) maintains the F2 Facebook group and the Fist Theory website. He tries to promote your club and publish information regarding your club for fisters to locate and apply for individual club membership.

Can FFist Council offer assistance in setting up a club in my local area?

The membership clubs will mentor you on how to organize and promote your club and its events. They have a graphic designer that is available for hire to help you develop and create a professional logo. Finn Vortex has a suite of documents that can help you officially structure your club.

Are there any FFist Council governing requirements regarding a club's structure?

There are no strict requirements for joining the council; however, we would hope that when you approach the council, you have a general idea for you club and a desire to organize your club within the next few months. If you begin organizing a club and cannot continue it's development, we may remove your club name from the registry so that other fisters in your area feel free to start a club that meets regularly. Even though your club may no longer be listed, you can still participate in the council as long as you are respectful to other council members.

Our member clubs include very small, invite-only, intimate groups with specific membership requirements to large groups that conduct little to no screening and are open to the general public.

Some clubs offer monthly play parties, others offer quarterly parties, and some provide parties for special events or holidays only. Many clubs have restrictions on harder drugs, but this is not a requirement to be a member club in the council.

Pending FFist Council Member Clubs

Newly Organized

Information Needed Prior to Listing