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Finn maintains the following supplemental content for Fist Club.


Multiple blogs provide additional fisting and toy play insights including masturbation fodda for the perverts out there.

Fist Club - Weekly Narrative

Original content including tips, rapid responses, opinions, and disucssions that direct traffic to Fist Club thus allowing others to Experience the Vortex.

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The Olecranon Process

Finn's fisting journal that includes monthly stat sheets and memorable narratives of experiences. Also contains upcoming travel notifications.

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Fisting Twitter Feed

Several fisting, popper, and watersport scenes scenes that trigger Finn's (and hopefully your) masturbatory activities.


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The Fister's Toybox

Coming soon! Toy reviews and evaluations from the Shipping and Receiving Department at Fist Club.

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Coming soon! This conglomeration of multi-media includes an original podcast that discusses fisting topics, a supplemental youtube channel, and an instructional xtube channel (when appropriate).