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Techniques for cleaning out

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Author: Finn Vortex

Published: 05/01/2016

Updated: 06/01/2016

Duration: 25 Minutes

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Executive Summary

Detailed instructions and information regarding cleaning out a hole prior to any play session, from shallow fisting to pit depths. Apart from cleaning routines, also included are details regarding diet and timing as well as tools most appropriate for douching.

Storytime: My First Douche

The narrative about my first clean out

Even though... I'd lost my virginity years prior, and...

Even though... I'd had sex with a half-dozen guys, and...

Even though... I'd had a live-in boyfriend for several years...

I had never heard of cleaning out. This all changed in Metarie, LA with a guy named Evan. Evan and I met on Manhunt™ several weeks prior to our first physical encounter. The delay in hooking up was due to a couple of things:

  1. The 70 mile trek between Baton Rouge and New Orleans, and...

  2. My general inexperience in the gay universe—I was still very young and curious, and most of my sexual encounters to that point had been with guys that were 'New to this thing' (like me).
Evan eventually invited me to New Orleans for an evening play date. I gladly made a trip to New Orleans, spending a day in the French Quarter seeing the sights, and then stopping in for an evening play session with him.

Once I arrived at his house, we exchanged small talk, made out, and then he asked if I had prepared.

'Prepared? Sure, I guess, I mean, I think so.' I stuttered.

'I mean, have you cleaned out?'

He must have noticed the puzzled look on my face, so he continued.

'By that, I mean douching, so your ass is clean—cause I'm going to fuck the hell out of you.'

'I don't know what that means. I've never douched.' I said, slightly embarrassed.

'No worries, I'll show you the ropes.'

Instead of throwing me out the door, he grabbed me by the hand, led me to the bathroom, got down on his knees, and rooted around beneath the sink: out came a box of Fleet enemas.

Sensing my uneasiness, he introduced some foreplay into the routine. He pulled me down, and we made out for a bit before stripping each other naked. Then he had me roll over. Before I knew it, I was laying on my left side with a disposable enema being emptied into my ass. He refilled the enema and emptied it two more times before I needed to expel the water. Fortunately, I was clean.

He asked, 'Are you always that way?'

Without even thinking, I replied: 'Usually. About 90% of the time, I suppose.'

'Your hole must be tight and talented!' he quipped back.

And even though... I hadn't learned sexual vocabulary such as 'hole' and 'tight', nor did I understand the implications of what he was saying, I responded.

'I guess we'll find that out shortly!'

We then fucked like dogs. If there was any Hell inside me, he fucked every last bit of it out.

Your Douching Routine

There is no universal douching method that works for everybody. In fact, douching routines vary greatly from person to person. For some individuals, the clean out process is a half-day event, while others can complete a full deep-douche in a matter of minutes.

A working knowledge of the fist chute helps you direct your douche activies appropriately and can make the difference between a five minute or a five hour douche routine. Toys can also play an important role in your douche routine to help validate you are ready to proceed playing.

It will likely take you several months or even years to develop a routine that works for you, especially for depth play. To help you develop your routine, consider the following questions:

  1. How does my body react to...
    • The food I eat? Are certain foods better than others for helping me clean out? What can I eat before play and when can I eat it?
    • Pharmaceutical supplements? Does fiber or certain laxatives cause irritation inside me? What about anti-diarrheals? Do these items affect me negatively and prevent a good fisting session?
    • Water being injected into my ass? Is it readily expel by my system, or do I need to work and massage it out?
    • Water temperature and salinity content? Does hot water irritate my hole? How about cold water? Or hard/soft water?
    • Different douche nozzles? Are there certain materials or styles that agitate my hole unnecessarily?'
  2. How much prep time do I need based on my body's reaction to douching activities?
  3. Will I require touch ups prior starting a play session?

To help answer some of those questions, included below is information on Diet, Tools, and Techniques (my own and those from several experts).

Digestive Activity


Some Bottoms advocate fasting twenty-four hours before a major play session and monitoring/adjusting food intake during the previous twenty-four hours. This is only necessary under the following circumstances:

  • Your play session will last more than four or five hours.
  • You will not have access to the equipment or facilities to tidy up during the session.
  • Your technique requires a Level 3 douche due to your body mechanics.
  • You are fisting at bicep or pit depths.

Even if some of the above items are true, it may still not require a modification of your diet or even a fast. Only you will know how your body processes food. Refer to the timing table to help determine how to modify your diet.

Monitor your hydration and electrolyte balance on the day of your fisting. Your fast and douche technique can result in a depletion of essential minerals and fluids. After your session is over, help yourself to a banana to restore potassium or to yogurt to help restore culture to your intestine (even though it's nearly impossible to douche out your existing culture).


Cleaning out involves knowing your body well, including patterns in your digestive activity.

From a scientific standpoint, it usually takes thirty-three hours for food to pass all the way through the system; however, this varies based on your diet. Starchy foods take longer than fruits and vegetables, and dairy foods and meat elongate the the timing of your bowel movements. Once food reaches the small intestine, it follows the first-in, first out rule (there are no passing lanes).

Your normal body clock also plays a key roll as peristalsis can be triggered by waking up in the morning or by eating a meal.

For depth fisting, you should consider when to douche based on your diet, the time of day, the planned depth (forearm, elbow, bicep, armpit), your technique, and the approximate time of your sexual activity.

Type of Food Stomach Small Intestine Large Intestine
Liquids 15 - 30 Minutes 15 - 30 Minutes 15 - 30 Minutes
Fruits 20 - 40 Minutes 1 - 3 Hours 2 - 4 Hours
Vegetables 30 - 60 Minutes 2 - 4 Hours 2 - 4 Hours
Carbs* 1.5 to 3 Hours 3 - 8 Hours 10 - 24 Hours
Dairy 1.5 to 5 Hours 2 - 8 Hours 6 - 18 Hours
Meat .5 to 5 Hours 6 - 8 Hours 10 - 24 Hours

*Nuts, Seeds, Beans, Grains


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    Advice and Tips from the Pros


The following tools can be used to clean out:

Select a category of tools for additional information.