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Techniques That Take You to the Next Level

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Author: Finn Vortex

Published: 03/15/2016

Updated: 10/06/2017

Duration: 15 Minutes

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Preparations for Extreme Fisting | Routines and Exercises | Tracking Progress | Case Study: Elbow-Depth Stamina Training

Executive Summary

Step by step instructions for reaching extreme width and depth in the fist chute—from beginning level exercises through post-elblow depth insertions. Also includes details on logging your progress.

Preparations For Extreme Fisting

Preparing Your Partners

Partner Selection

You will need to find a skilled partner for many of your depth or girth fisting routines. This individual should be somebody who understands not only the basics of fisting, but also understands you. He should be able to always assess your mental and physical state by understanding your body language. You should also be able to trust your partner with your life.

Roadmaps and Communication

It is helpful as a Bottom to document the anatomy of your fist chute to assist others in your fisting expeditions. A good road map includes the following:

  • Starting points and positions
  • Lengths and durations
  • Route markers
  • Obstacles and hazards

As you develop your relationship with your partner, both of you will likely learn more about yourselves and your fist chute anatomy. You will also develop special queues, signals, and patterns for your routines. If your partner cannot follow your roadmap, nor communicate or engage mentally at the highest levels with you, then you should select a different training partner.

Preparing Yourself

Fist Chute

You'll need make specific preparations prior to starting your training routines for any type of extreme fisting (punching, double, or post-elbow insertion). Make sure you douche, lube, and stretch appropriately. Under or over doing any of those activities can result in a reduced training session.

Environment & Play Equipment

Familiarity with your play space can help improve your training outcomes by setting both you and your partner's moods at ease. Unknown or messy enviroments can affect your ability to relax.

In a similar vein, selecting the appropriate toys to reach your goals is essential continuing progress and reaching new milestones.

Routines and Exercises

Set established frequencies and durations for training based on your current skill level and strech capacities before moving to the next mastery level.

For example, if you have already mastered a single fist with ease (specifically, if your fist chute can swallow a medium fist in less than three minutes of beginning a session), then you will need weekly play to advance to any substantial depth.

The following routines walk you through increasing depths:

Depth Routines

  1. Category: Solo Exercises

    Mastering DP with Toys

  2. Category: Partnership Exercises

    Mastering DP with Boys (Men)

  3. Category: Partnership Exercises

    Mastering a Single Fist

  4. Category: Partnership Exercises

    Mastering the Second Ring

  5. Category: Partnership Exercises

    Mastering Elbow Depth Insertion

  6. Category: Solo & Partnership Exercises

    Advice and Tips from the Pros

Girth Routines

Additional content for girth routines is currently in development. Want to contribute?

Case Study: Elbow-Depth Stamina Training

Reference Point

This case study follows Finn Vortex's attempt to increase play time during elbow-depth sessions. It replicates at a higher scale the activities beginners need to follow to start depth fisting.


01 October 2017

After a two weeks of depth fisting and an intense weekend play session, I have determined that I would like to increase my stamina when guys are going deep. Most notably, I find myself worried about authorizing somebody to stay that long inside my hole that doesn't have my complete trust.

02 October 2017

I successfully reached the elbow line on a medium size guy (normal arms and hands). His arm was fairly contorted, and I did most of the driving. He was SUB, a point that was clarified during the session. This still has to do with my injury concerns and the play styles of those I'm not completely familiar with.

03 October 2017

Having received the nine-minute training video from Poppersgod (Art & Science: Poppers — Training), I have commenced on a daily routine with the first milestone/goal of consuming Boss Hogg, from Mr. Hankeys Toys, to the base. I'm currently 2.5 inches from that goal. While I am able to use Can Opener as the starter toy, its shape is different for second ring penetration, as compared to Hogg. At least two weeks of sessions will be needed.

04 October 2017

Daily Session - 20 Minutes | No visible progress.

05 October 2017

Daily Session - 20 Minutes | Able to take SquarePeg Splitter (thirteen inch maleable circumference) after a five minue wrestle.

06 October 2017

Daily Session - 20 Minutes | No visible progress.