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Opening Up The Hole

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Author: Finn Vortex

Published: 04/01/2016

Updated: 06/29/2017

Duration: 10 Minutes

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Executive Summary

Exercises and insights on stretching activities that can decrease barriers for depth and girth insertions. Also includes an light-hearted story of one of my first fisting experiences, and the advice I received during that session.

Storytime: The Handshake!

The Very True Story of Edwin and his Techniques

To say Edwin was eccentric was an understatement. As I recall, his home was truly unique. For example, his doorbell chimed Christmas tunes, even during the hot, humid months of summer in the Deep South. He charismatically refered to his home as Eddie-land and the bedroom was just as unique as the rest of his home. A permanent sling was attached to the four-poster bed and was specifically set up for fisting with strategically placed lube pods, paper towels, and a stool for the penetrating partner. But enough about Eddie-land—this story is about the handshake.

Before I'd even arrived, he'd messaged me on Adam4Adam and said, "Just ring the doorbell when you arrive. The door's unlocked, and you can come on in, but let me have some warning." I did as he had requested, and worked my way back past a huge pipe organ in his living room, a toy train that would make even Santa jealous, and some animatronic, life-sized, life-like reindeer that moved by motion sensor. Once inside the room, I noticed he was already in the sling and ready to go.

"I'm Edwin" he said. "Let me give you my famous handshake!".

I reached out to shake his hand and he said, "lube's right there" while pointing to a small tupperware container of what I assumed was Crisco. "I guess he's foregoing the handshake," I thought to myself as I dipped into the lube. I was a little nervous as this was my second-ever fisting session (my first had been at least five years prior to the date).

"I'll walk you through it!" he said as he started small talk about the organ and his eccentricities while coaching me to spread Crisco around his hole and start the "opening up" process. I did as was told, and eventually, I had three fingers in his eager hole.

"At this point, see if you can feel the ring—it's not made of the same stuff as everything else down there. It's harder. Put your three fingers on it and massage it—stretching it out from its contracted state." I continued with his instructions, rotating my hand with the three fingers pressing against the ring till I'd made several round trips. It then became four fingers and a repeat of the same streching technique I'd used moments ago with three fingers.

"Now make a scissoring motion with those fingers to increase the stretch, and just keep rotating while pushing gently in until the thumb also joins in. We are almost there."

"Where?" I replied.

"Pull your thumb into your palm and begin cupping your fingers at the knuckle... ...wa la! That's it!" In one fell swoop, he contracted his muscles and pulled my hand and wrist into his hole. "And that's the Edwin Handshake!" he said as he kegelled his hole around my wrist.

Basic Stretch Considerations

Before starting your stretch, consider the following items:

  • Lubrication - Use copious amounts of lube specific to the type of play or toys. J-Lube or xanthum gum work universally for flesh, silicon toys, or latex toys.
  • Foreplay - When stretching with a partner, foreplay can make a difference. Although rimming does not stretch a hole, it physiologically relaxes the anal canal and sphincter.
  • Temperature - There are various temperature concerns:
    • Hands should be the same temperature as the body core of the Bottom.
    • Toys should be at or slightly above body temperature.
    • Creams and solid lubes should be at room temperature or warmer if possible.
    • Liquid lubes should be above the body temperature of the Bottom by five to ten degrees.
    • Room temperatures vary based on Bottom's tastes - I prefer anything 72 degrees or warmer. Cold rooms contract skin and freeze hands!
  • Communication - Bottoms should let Tops know how/where to start and continue leading the session until termination. For example, I find one or two fingers uncomfortable and prefer to start with at least three or four fingers. I also have specific places that are more comforatable resting zones which must be communicated to the man who's elbow is about to disappear into my hole.
  • Boundaries and Limitations - Most anal fissures and intestinal perforations/tears are the result of forced toy play or inexperienced Tops. Stretching is a gradual exercise and success is measured in millimeters, not centimeters (or inches). If stretching the lower fist chute, stop when you feel burning. For depth play, never push into a wall! Follow the channel always.


Techniques for Self Play

Solo activities can increase the competence of the Bottom for partner play. These activities facilitate/precede any partner stretching exercises:

  • Double and triple toy penetration with average dildos. Use three standard width dildos to penetrate the hole. This trains your muscles and mind on relaxing enough to let multiple items inside you (cock and hand, toy and hand, two hands). If possible, stay shallow (inside the rectum) to avoid injury.
  • Finger stretching on extra-large toys. This duplicates the technique of inserting a second hand once the rectum is full (see below).
  • Resting-point challenges. Plug yourself with an extra-large toy at full depth for 5, 10, or 15 minute periods. Do not increase or decrease depth during the insertion period. This helps create comfortable resting places for your fisting routines.
  • Butt Plugs. Plugs may loosen the first ring, but are generally useless in the fisting process because the tapered part does not mimic the anatomy of the anal canal and rectum.

Exercises with Partners

The following training exercises instruct Tops how to increase the stretch for both shallow and depth fisting:

  1. Category: Partnership Stretch Exercises

    Mastering Edwin's Handshake

  2. Category: Partnership Stretch Exercises

    Mastering Multiple Rings

  3. Category: Partnership Stretch Exercises

    Mastering Double Fisting

  4. Category: Solo & Partnership Exercises

    Advice and Tips from the Pros


Every training routine should involve toys of progressively larger size. The following resources are available for integrating toys into your play sessions and preparatory activities:

  • Art & Science: Toys - Using toys appropriately will prevent injuries while increasing depth capabilities. This article reviews how to integrate toys into your fist chute training and ass play sessions.
  • Evaluations and Reviews - I host a Tumblr which catalogs my toys and wish lists. You can review the dildos and butt plugs that I've collected or ridden throughout my fisting years.