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Rules of Fist Club - Explained

Greater insight into the eight rules of fist club

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Author: Finn Vortex

Published: 03/31/2018

Updated: 03/31/2018

Duration: 05 Minutes

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Origins of Fist Club | Eight Rules of Fist Club

Executive Summary

Detailed explanations about the eight rules of Fist Club, originally a parody of the rules of Fight Club.

Origins of Fist Club

There is a long history regarding the development of this website and the final selection of 'Fist Club' as the title. The parody of the Fight Club followed soon thereafter.

The Fist and Fight Club Parody

Fight Club[1]

Fist Club Studios Presents

Rules of Fist Club

Cast & Crew

Starring:Finn Vortex
Director:James Marshall
Editor:Ery King
Screenplay:Jason W Riterly
Lighting/Effects:John Apple
Cinematography:John Apple

The Eight Rules Fist Club

Are there hardfast rules to fisting? It's arguable one way or the other; however, there are some standards generally excepted by everyone. Additionally, fisting has a specific Etiquette that improves a session.

1ST RULE You do not talk about Fist Club.

Fisting is still a taboo subject in many places and communities throughout the world.

  • Don't out others as Fisters.
  • Don't make assumptions your fisting playmates are out.
  • Don't talk about fisting when non-fisters or closed-minded normies are present.
  • Don't reveal details about your fisting excursions and events without permission of participants.
  • Don't discuss a partner's proclivities unless authorized.

2ND RULE You DO NOT talk about Fist Club.

Seriously, it's extremely non-Millennial, but don't talk about fisting around mixed crowds. The only appropriate time to suspend the first rules of Fist Club are as follows:

  • You know somebody is in danger. For example, his fisting playmate has previously injured somebody.
  • You run around the same fisting circles, and have express permission to discuss fisting skills and experiences.
  • You are presently at a fisting event.
  • Your potential partner authorizes you to seek references, or you grant him the same authorization.

3RD RULE Once the Bottom says 'STOP' or taps out, the session is over.

Never pressure a Bottom into doing more than he's willing. Encouragement is one thing, as is boundary pushing, but he has to listen to his body to prevent injury and accidents.

4TH RULE The Bottom and the Bottom only calls all the shots.

In foriegn languages, Top and Bottom generally translate to Passive and Assertive. In fisting, the Bottom is receptive but always the assertive partner. The Top, is always the passive, but insertive partner. When a Top is demanding control, not obeying the Bottom, and driving the session, then the Bottom should end it immediately.

5TH RULE One fist at a time (two if you're lucky).2

This rule is just a parody of the original Fight Club rule, 'One Fight at a Time'. In general though, starting at a single fist and working up to depth, punching, or doubles is the designated outline for most fisters. I'll take a double from you if they meet the right parameters.

6TH RULE No lube, no entry.

While it is possible to get spit fisted, it definitely requires more recovery time from micro-tearing. There are a lot of etiquette standards around lube—almost to much to describe here. Here are the lube quickies: Always Supply Your Own Lube; Monitor Freshness/Expiration Dates; Don't Share.

7TH RULE Fisting goes on as long as it has to.

This is a slight variation of the third rule; however, this applies to both the Top and the Bottom. If something doesn't feel right about the session, then end it.

8TH RULE If this is your first time at Fist Club, you're reaching the elbow.3

Another parody of Fight Club, but seriously... ...let's shoot for the elbow!