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Author: Finn Vortex

Published: 02/15/2016

Updated: 02/15/2016

Duration: 15 Minutes

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Executive Summary

Tour of my playroom and detailed analysis of the different environments, equipment, and peripheral components that can assist in depth fisting. Instructions are provided on creating your environment and stocking your own play stations.


With sufficient lubrication, an established ffbottom can take a shallow fist in almost any location; however, depth fisting generally requires a more intimate environment to enhance pleasure sensations and prevent injury.

I currently have two setups for fisting: a sling room (temporary) and a bedroom. Take the quick tour:

Legend - Sling Room


Toy Cabinet

My toy cabinet has two purposes. Besides housing my toys and smaller equipment during downtime, it also serves as the peripherals station for my sling room.


  1. Cabinet Top
    • Peripherals Station
  2. First Drawer
    • Pads
    • Gloves
    • Candles
    • Cock Rings
    • Condoms
  3. Second Drawer
    • Depth Openers & Double Headers
  4. Third Drawer
    • Warming Drawer (UR3)
    • Storage: Destroyers
  5. Fourth Drawer
    • Plugs
    • Starter Toys


You can customize your cabinet (which is readily available at most big-box hardware stores) to meet your specific needs. In my cabinet, I have three larger drawers dedicated to toy storage. During play sessions, I convert one of these drawers into a warming bin (using generic heat pads) to warm up toys prior to insertion. The smallest drawer is used to keep other accessories at hand.

For more information and reviews of specific toys, refer to my Unabated Toybox blog.

Red Right DIY - Toy Cabinet

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Peripherals Station

Having specific items readily available during a fisting session will facilitate greater depth and intensity.


  1. Lube Repository
    • Lubes (see Lubrication)
    • Automated Delivery Units
    • Lube Cannon
    • Spray Bottle
    • Lube Warmer
  2. Hygiene
    • Gloves
    • Disposable Wipes
    • Dry Hand Towels
    • Moist Hand Towels
    • Warming Box
  3. Other
    • Odorizer Block
    • Condom Dispensary
    • Hydration

Lube Repository

The lube repository is home to any and all things related to recuducing friction during your session. Key components to my repository include various types of lubrication, automated dispensors to facilitate easy cleanup and prevent contamination, lube cannons, misters or spray bottles to rehydrate specialty lubes, and clean-up tray's to protect your peripheral station from sticky messes. Additionally, you may want to consider a lube warmer to keep your lube closer to body temperature.

At extreme depths, ensure that there is no cross contamination from multiple bottoms or previous sessions. Items to assist include automatic lube dispensors, items that can be sterilized in a dishwasher, and smaller size containers that can be discarded after a session. For example, if Crisco is your lube of choice, then purchase the smaller size containers for your session. Allocate about 1/3 of your peripherals station to these and other items in your lube repository.


The next portion of your peripheral station is dedicated to hygeine. Items typical for this area include gloves, towels/towelettes, and hand sanitizers.

Gloves come in several varieties and can be purchased from hardware stores, medical supply stores, or speciality adult stores/websites. You may want to stock your cabinet with latex, nitrile, or vinyl gloves. Latex gloves are ubiquitous but may pose allergy risks to the top or bottom. Nitrile gloves are a good replacement for latex as the material is synthetic rubber and less likely to break; however the cost is higher. Finally, vinyl gloves are cheap, but are not great for depth fisting because they are not form fitting. Adult stores have fisting gloves in standard and depth sizes. They are usually black, and for that reason, I prefer not to use them as it is difficult to moniter if there is any type of bleeding as a result of your session.

If cleanliness is a requirement for your mood, then towels are a must. You can include paper towels or wipes when using crisco and specialty lubes (make sure to have a rubbish bin readily available). Cloth towels are also helpful and less abravise or reactionary to skin. A towel warmer can be used to keep hand towels moist and warm to the touch.

Other Items

Finally, the last 1/3 of your peripherals station is dedicated to any remaining items such as water, condoms, poppers, breath mints, cameras, and remote controls. An odorizor block helps you organize your poppers and prevent spills and breaks by keeping bottles in an upright, fixed position.

Red Right DIY - Peripherals Station

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Slings, Beds, and Benches

Positioning and comfort are critical factors for depth. Different furniture options with their associated accessories are designed to assist.


  1. Slings
    • Portable & Stationary
    • Chains & Bands
    • Leather & Nylon
    • Springs
  2. Beds
    • Linens & Sheets
  3. Benches
    • Floating & Fixed


Ergonomically, slings are one of the least favorable environments for depth fisting. The general body positioning in most common slings does not physiologically straighten the fist chute. Slings readily accommodate training exercises (for girth or speed) in the lower chute by providing both sway and atmosphere.

When purchasing a sling, consider these items: portable slings allow you to take a session anywhere; chains are piggier than bands, but can also be distracting; nylon/vinyl slings are machine-washable so concerns about staining or damage by certain lubes is minimized.


Beds allow for the greatest flexibility in depth fisting by allowing the bottom to position himself acording to his fist chute anatomy. For pit depths, the fister will have to be off of the bed to straighten the arm and provide the force needed to pass the elbow.

Cloth sheets are easily washable, put are generally insufficient to absorb all the lube applied during a session. Additional towels are necessary. Fitted or flat rubber sheets clean up easily and are easily concealed.


Stationary or fixed fisting benches are similar to beds. Several models allow adjustments that can change body positioning. Floating benches attached to slings are just as unfavorable as slings because the top has to control, stabilize, and minimize movement of the floating bench while trying to apply enough pressure to proceed to/past the elbow.

Red Right DIY - Slings, Beds, and Benches

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Additional Accessories

These additional items can enhance any fisting session even though they have no specific application to depth insertion.


  1. Hygiene
  1. Clean-up (Post Play)
    • Shampoo
    • Salt
    • Toy Cleaner
    • Paper Towels
  1. DME Amenities
    • Blue Pads
    • Gloves
    • Booties
  1. Cinematography
    • Lighting
    • Cameras
    • Photographers
    • Software


In Wash and Go, several methods and degrees of pre-play cleanout are discussed. Shower shots and portable shower shots and mini-douches are critical. Speciality douche nozzles and colon clensers are also necessary when depth play is on the agenda.

Clean-up (Post Play)

Prepare your post-play clean up area prior to starting your session to avoid spreading fisting bi-products all over your abode.

Your first line of defense is paper towels, which when dry, help corporal and environment clean-up immensely. Be sure to have a trash recepticle in place prior to starting, and rolls of paper towels near your play area and shower.

Inside your shower, you should have lube-specific cleaner: Dawn for Crisco, salt for J-lube, bar soap for water-based lubes, and silicone cleaner for both humans and toys. Shampoo will often substitute well for silicone cleaner and helps clean lube stains from furniture, floors, and sheets.

DME Ammenities

An occassional trip to your local DME or medical supply store helps keep your cabinet stocked with a few essentials: gloves, booties, and blue-pads. Gloves (which were discussed previously) are generally pricier at these locations than at the local hardware store. Booties can be used to prevent tracking lube across your after a session ends. And finally, blue pads are a disposable alternative to drop-cloths and towels that absorb bi-products of fisting.


If filming your sessions is part of your kink, you should watch some basic photography and lighting courses online in order to understand the basic requirements for clean, clear video/photos.

Lighting is critical to prevent shadows or grainy images, and basic painter's lights from your big box hardware store will suffice. Although camera phones can acceptable, they require a third party in the room to film your event. Consider traditional cameras and tripods instead. Should a photographer be present, expect to take several shots from different angles and then edit the sequences into a video using a standard image/video editor.

Red Right DIY - Additional Accessories

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