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Hand Over Fist

Measuring Up and Gloving Up

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Author: Finn Vortex

Published: 10/28/2016

Updated: 10/28/2016

Duration: 10 Minutes

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Executive Summary

Detailed overview on the role of hands and gloves in fisting scenes. Provides proper fisting etiquette and instructions on how to measure your hand. Includes an evaluation of gloves typically used in play. Also showcases a narrative of my first stump fisting.

Fisting Hands

Finding the perfect anatomical match between Top and Bottom can greatly enhance the satisfaction and pleasure derived from fisting.


Left vs Right

Anatomy may determine which hand is better for play (both as a Top and Bottom). For Bottoms, the fist chute may align better for depth insertion with a left or right hand. For Tops, muscle development and coordination may affect the flexibility, strength, and navigational capacity of the penetrating hand and arm.


Some hands are able to collapse in on themselves to decrease the overall diameter of the penetrating hand. If the meaty part of the palm (connected to the thumb), can lay flat (or semi-flat) against the opposite side of the palm (below the pinky), then a hand is considered collapsible. These hands can be helpful in depth exercises and passing through inner rings.


Most fisters know the size of their hand on a simple scale of small to extra large; however, glove makers classify hands in eight categories of uni-sex hand measurements. Men sizing charts tend to start at XS at 7 inches and max out with XXL at 12 inches.

Hand Sizing Chart
Circumference 6.5 7 7.5 8 9 9.5 10 11

Instructions on how to measure your hand are included below. With size in mind, every Bottom has limits—whether it be a finger, a fist, or a foot. Tops and Bottoms should discuss realistic depth and girth before engaging in play.

Chute Capacity
(of Finn Vortex)
Anatomical Pit Bicep Elbow Mid Forearm Low Forearm Wrist Four Fingers Four Knuckles
Yes / No Fuck Yesss! Hell
Yess! Yes! OK! Maybe! Not Yet! Not Likely!

Measuring Your Hand

Fisters generally reference hand measurement based on circumference, with four particular categories: small, medium, large, and extra-large. There are; however, three specific hand size measurements: circumference, span, and length. Measurements from those three areas are sufficient in providing 'general' hand sizes for fisting discussions.

A fourth measuring technique (used to determine sizing for bangles) is the most accurate fisting measurement. Unless your hand is atypical (extra-long fingers or extremely large bones), report your hand size based on circumference or bangle-circumference.

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    Measuring Hand Circumference

  2. Category: Measurements

    Measuring Hand Length

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    Measuring Hand Span

  4. Category: Measurements

    Measuring Fisting (Bangle) Girth


Brachioproctic insertion involves—by definition—the fist chute and a hand (or two). In order to guarantee the safety of both participants, two simple rules apply to fisting and gloves:

  • Hand inspections are required. The top should present his hands for inspection prior to fisting the Bottom.
  • Gloves are optional when agreed upon by both parties. The Bottom always gets to specify if gloves are required. Gloves, like condoms, should be discussed prior to arranging a session.

If either party refuses to abide by these rules, then the fisting should be aborted. The violation of boundaries prior to penetration does not bode well for trust or confidence needed for elbow depth insertion.

  1. Category: Gloves

    Advice and Tips from the Pros

Fisting Raw

Many fisters, myself included, prefer raw fisting over gloves. Gloves can be an irritant to the hole, and in depth fisting, provide little protection to the top. When fisting raw, the Bottom should examine the Top's hands to determine fisting readiness.


Nail Biters Welcome! Tops should trim nails as short as possible. After trimming, a nail file should be used to eliminate sharper points/edges that could cause miniscule cuts on in the smooth tissue of the intestine. To test if your nails are too sharp, run them across your tongue. If they are sharp enough to scratch your tongue, then trim and file more.


For depth fisting, the hand and arm of the Top need to be free of open wounds, cuts, scrapes, scabs, and infections.

    Fisting Tips without Gloves

  • Before starting a session, wash both hands and arms with soap and water.
  • Hand sanitizer is great for when hosting and travelling. A Bottom can request that the Top apply the sanitizer to ensure cleanliness prior to insertion.
  • Nail files should be a staple in the supply bag of both Tops and Bottoms. You should generally provide your own clippers and files.

Fisting Under Cover (Gloved)

Despite the connection with raw fisting, there are men that prefer gloving up or having a protective barrier when penetration of any sort is involved.

Glove Pros & Cons

As mentioned previously, it is always the Bottom's choice when it comes to using gloves in a fisting scene. There are several pros and cons that affect his determination.


  • Faster cleanup for tops
  • Intestinal protection against sparper nails
  • Smoother penetration in descending colon
  • Easier to spot pinkness/blood on light gloves
  • Protection against certain STIs for both parties
  • Protection against other infections, especially with weaker immune systems*
  • Psychological barriers affects connection
  • Eliminates pre-fisting checklists in anonymous/dark room fisting events


  • Protection limited to size of glove
  • Lube restrictions based on glove type
  • Lubrication wipes off easily, increasing drag
  • Drag due to wrinkles irritates hole
  • Increased drag in sigmoid colon
  • Allergies due to material of glove
  • Reduced sensation increases puncture risk
  • Psychological barriers affects connection

Choosing Your Glove

If gloves are a required part of the scene, then you should consider the following qualities when stocking your supply warehouse:

  • Color - Gloves come in all colors and for fisting, black or red gloves might seem appropriate; however, you should consider lighter gloves that will show any pink or red from bleeding.
  • Sterile/Non-sterile - Gloves can be purchased as sterile or non-sterile, though the value of non-sterile gloves for fisting is limited. As soon as you touch the lube bottle, your gloves are contaminated.
  • Size - Ill-fitting gloves cause drag through the lower fist chute, increasing injury and decreasing the duration of play. Stock your supply with multiple sizes so that gloves will fit the hand of the top.
  • Material - Nitrile, latex, rubber, and vinyl are all variations in materials used for gloves. Some lubes do not interact well with your glove material. Rubber and vinyl gloves do not fit the hand well increase drag. Rubber gloves, while reusable, require cleaning and sanitizing immediately after play.

Glove Size Charts

The wrong size of glove for a Top's hand can wreak havoc on the Bottom's hole and result in early termination of the session. The following sizing charts are helpful in determining glove size:

Unisex Gloves
Circumference 6.5 7 7.5 8 9 9.5 10 11
Men's Gloves
Circumference - 7 7.5 - 8 8.5 - 9 9.5 - 10 10.5 - 11 11.5 - 12 -
Bangles / True Fisting
Circumference 7 7.5 8 8.5 9.5 10 11 12+

Integrating Gloves Into Your Scene

You should lay out gloves prior to your scene in a sanitary location, free from material that will contaminate them. Although they are probably not sterile gloves, it is inappropriate to introduce additional risk to the bottom by exposing gloves to infectious material or filth.

Set up a glove station on a towel or other clean surface that has three or four pairs of gloves for you to easily grab during play. You may need paper towels or non-carcinogenic powder readily available to dry your hands prior to putting on gloves. You might also consider a dispenser if your playroom has the appropriate space.

    Fisting Tips with Gloves

  • Flip the glove inside out when getting ready to fist. There is often less drag when inverted due to seams in the manufacturing process.
  • Avoid colored gloves that mask warning signs when fisting. It is difficult to see blood with red, black, and dark colored gloves.
  • A dash of powder inside the glove or on the hand helps it slide right on. Any powder used should be organic, for example, cornstarch. Talcum powder is carcinogenic and an irritant to hole tissue.
  • When using gloves, double the amount of lubrication used when fisting raw.

Glove Evaluations

Additional content for this section is currently in development. Want to contribute?

Red Right DIY

Red Right DIY - Glove Dispensary

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Storytime: Stumped

Never Fight a Bear

It was a cold Montana eveining the first time I laid eyes on Eric. He had been in town recruiting for the National Park Service, and I had been working in Big Sky Country. When he opened the door, something was missing. It wasn't the connection, as he had a beautiful smile, a huge cock, a great personality, and a devious sensibility about him. Those things were all in great supply. Still... there was something missing.

We kissed immediately, and our sexual communion grew more intense and carnal by the minute. Fuck that beast was huge on him, and he fucked my hole like there really was no tomorrow. These were the pre-PrEP days, so I dismounted before his load gushed out of his cock like the pent-up waters of Old Faithful. Damn that stuff kept on cumming and cumming and cumming and coming. Awesome beyond compare: the width, the girth, the volume, the trajectory, the release.

As we laid there together in the afterglow of some cosmic orgasm's I asked:

'What happened here?'

'This?' he said, holding up his arm. 'A bear got a hold of it!'

'A bear? Like a grizzly or black bear? I replied.

'Well, it certainly wasn't a gay bear--I could of at least fended off one of those successfully.'

We laughed and discussed the incident with all of the literal gory details. My perverted mind went into overdrive mode, but sleep called my name and my exhausted body was only too willing to oblige...

Fast forward several hours. A slight pressure is building around my hole and I'm liking it. His cock felt so great and my hole wanted more. But something was different. It was thicker, and definitely longer. Much longer... ...and oh so much deeper. Holy Fuck, that's his elbow and bicep!

And then I woke up, back in my hotel room, from the most awesome and foreshadowing dream to ever cross my pillow. Hopefully, he was dreaming the same thing.

Eric and I still text, and now that I'm more open regarding my proclivities, I asked his thoughts on stump fisting. He told me that he wanted to stump me since the moment I knocked on the door. Damn opportunities missed!