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Fisting with Mood Enhancing Substances

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Author: Finn Vortex

Published: 03/15/2016

Updated: 08/12/2017

Duration: 10 Minutes

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Executive Summary

Discussion of mood enhancing drugs including poppers. High-level review of harder drugs often encountered in the fisting scene and potential side-effects. Screening techniques used before engaging in a fisting session. Personal opinions on drug use and how it can detrimentally affect fisting sessions and life.

Read this entire page before you come to any conclusions. As a disclaimer, I use poppers and have friends that use marijuana. For personal and professional reasons, I'm not interested in increasing my recreational drug use. I avoid developing sexual relationships with those who use heavier drugs.

Recreational Drugs

Benefits & Risks

Drugs, including poppers, are fun! They produce physiological symptoms that magnify feelings and emotions, especially during sexual intercourse. That's why they are also dangerous.

  • Drugs increase unsafe sexual practices
  • Drugs decrease your financial security and in turn, your healthcare options
  • Drugs affect your cognitive reasoning and rational decision making
  • Drugs weaken your immune system and your body's interaction with medications, including anti-retrovirals
  • Drugs reduce the strength of your moral compass and interfere with your ability to tell the truth, especially with people you do not know well
  • Drugs inhibit your ability to perceive the severity of injuries and act accordingly
  • Drugs increase the likelihood of you injuring another
  • Drugs make it difficult for me to trust you immediately


Poppers are not harmless as manufacturers would lead you to believe. There is scientific evidence that indicates extended long-term use can induce vision problems. They can also, in extreme cases, contribute to strokes or heart attacks based on existing conditions within the user.

That being said, they are less addictive than other pharmaceuticals, they relax many of the natural barriers one encounters in the fist chute, and the increase the lust factor and carnal sensuality in sexual encounters. Most people I know say they are not essential for their play. I was able to take a fist and toys to extreme depths without poppers.

For additional information regarding poppers and fisting, review my article Art & Science: Playing with Poppers.

Other Drugs

Generally, the 'Alphabet Soup' drugs (T, G, K, and E) used to decrease inhibitions and increase sexual pleasure will fuck you up, especially in fisting:

  • ( T ) Crystal Meth allows Bottoms to go past the elbow; but it also prevents a Bottom from realizing when a fisting session should safely end. It kills a hardon and destroys the body. It affects judgement and the effectiveness of PrEP, PEP, and HIV medications. It increases the length of play session and the likelihood of injury.
  • ( G ) GHB erases your memory before, during, and after a sexual encounter and a session. Since a large part of fisting is based around consent and trust, this drug impedes that relationship.
  • ( K ) Ketamine is GHB on steroids and results in the same problems with regards to fisting.
  • ( E ) Ecstasy is typically not the original formula and thus can have many unknown side effects - from gastro problems (not good when inside the colon) to cognitive reasoning problems.

I do not participate in sexual encounters or fisting events where any of the alphabet drugs are being actively used. If you mention PNP, favors, the sisters, or extended play sessions, then I will likely disengage. If I'm at an event where paraphernalia is present, I will leave.



Use of harder drugs is in the Behavioral Risks section of my Restrictive Barriers screening process. I have made and do make some exceptions based on other criteria, including honesty and trustworthiness.

It's important to recognize that everybody has a past, present, and future. People change for the better and worse. Relying on a screening process is not a guarantee for success today or tomorrow in protecting oneself; however, you should always be honest with partners and potential partners before engaging in sexual activity.

Onsite Screening

The inherent dangers of drug use and extreme fisting should dictate that you conduct a partner screening onsite, before you play. Methamphetamines can be particularly dangerous. Tops can injure Bottoms by being too aggressive and tearing the fist chute, and Bottoms can injure Tops by twisting and jerking while at extreme depths (resulting in potential tearing of muscles and ligaments). Watch for these signs before you engage in fisting:

  • Crystal Dick - The mind is willing, but the dick is not. Most users will become power-Bottoms.
  • Bloodshot Eyes - Lack of sleep for consistent highs and physiological effects from the drug are manifest in the eyes.
  • Enlarged Pupils - A recent hit will cause the pupils to dilate. They will not adjust to light naturally.
  • Fidgetiness - The inability to hold still indicates the active ingredients are still very active.
  • Anxiety or Paranoia - If they appear a little crazy, it's because the mind is being affected adversely.
  • Talkative - They may or may not want to get to the deed immediately. More established users will likely want to talk and focus on things not related to your encounter.
  • Hyper-sexuality - Speed makes a user feel incredibly sexy and sexually assertive.

While many of these symptoms can be masked, the most effective screening technique is abundant lighting. Bright light is like kryptonite for meth users. Start your play session with every light turned on, and if they ask to shut them all off, then cancel the session.

Storytime: The Only People Who Care

The Extremely Sad Story of Ethan and Why I will Never Use

Ethan's demise had already started before we met the first time, though it wasn't evident to me. His divorce had recently finalized, and it took a high toll on him. As comfort, he turned to alcohol and drugs: specifically, party drugs. Over the period of a year, I watched him lose his six-figure income, twenty-five-year job, health insurance, car insurance, health, friends, and home.

He lost all sense of reality on crystal meth. His friends suggested rehab, to which he replied, 'I don't have a problem.' His employer gave him a year of paid leave to sober up and complete rehab, and he opted for NA and outpatient rehab. I offered him friendship--if only remote, and he stopped taking my calls.

Before our regular conversations ended, he told me he felt alone and abandoned by his friends and family. I asked, 'What about me?'

'I called you Wednesday and you didn't call me back until Friday morning' he replied.

'True, but I can't always call back immediately.'

He continued, 'The only people who care are my dealers. They call and check on me when none of my friends do. They are there for me.'

'They are there as long as you are giving them money.' Our small talk continued, and I wished him well. We never spoke again though. Six months later, Ethan was nearly dead with an extreme infection. A few months after that, he moved into a state-run nursing home. His dealers no longer visit or call.

I learned a few things from Ethan:

  • An individual may not disclose his HIV status, even when asked point blank.
  • Good people live in a different reality once addicted to meth.
  • HIV prevention and treatment may take a back seat when in the chains of addiction.
  • Verify everything with subtlety; trust your gut.