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Personalized Guides for Depth and Girth Fisting

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Author: Finn Vortex

Published: 12/30/2015

Updated: 08/12/2017

Duration: 20 Minutes

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Mapping a Fist Chute | Templates & Examples | Finn's Road Maps

Executive Summary

Guidelines and materials for mapping a fist chute. Includes personal instruction manuals, presentations, and video demonstrations for my fist chute. Advice is documented from both my perspective as a bottom and that of small/medium hand and large hand tops.

Mapping the Fist Chute

In some cases, it is helpful to physically or mentally document the steps and journey a Top needs to follow in order to go wide or deep in your hole. For example, on a depth plunge, you might want to document the following items:

  • Verbal and non-verbal cues you provide to the Top
  • Lubrication routines
  • Navigational considerations for different hand sizes
  • Landmarks along the route, such as U-turns, pelvic floors, etc.
  • Pain points
  • Speed and duration considerations

You may want to include the following items for your girth fisting road map:

  • Starting activities that promote relaxation of the anal canal
  • Entrance positions for each hand
  • Sequencing and timing for reaching full double penetration

While it is great to provide your road map to a Top prior to play, sometimes it's equally beneficial to let a Top discover the path on his own. A slight variance to your standard procedure, or a new and novel approach, can result in major advances in depth and girth fisting.

Templates & Examples

Since every hole is different, learning your anatomy and creating your road map will help others help you reach your fisting goals. If you haven't read the quick reference articles to the right, do so before drafting your road map.

Use the following templates to draft your road map:

Format Template Description
Scratch Pad Use this to draft a roadmap with pen and paper.
Print Use this to formalize your instructions in a word processor.
Graphic-based Use this to make a graphic presentation, similar to the FISTED presentation above.

Finn's Road Maps

Interested in reaching fisting nirvana with Finn? Check out his depth and girth road maps in any of the following media: