E X P E R I E N C E    T H E    V O R T E X

Clubhouse | Fisting Creed

Personal reflection and belief set which guides my actions.

My Core Beliefs

Fisting is a sexually liberating activity that creates an intimate connection between me and others. It allows me to build close, strong relationships with my core set of friends and meaningful foundations with others with whom I play.

Although I focus highly on intimacy and connection, I recognize that occasionally, it's just a reason to nut, release pressure through escape, or build up my ego when feeling deflated.

Fisting allows me to be in the now, not yesterday nor tomorrow.

My Guiding Principles

As a Fister

As a part of this brotherhood, I will work towards building a vibrant and diverse fisting community, encourage healthy and safe fisting practices, assist those with fisting injuries, and provide educational resources to other fisters so that they may also experience the intense pleasure, relief, and connectivity of fisting.

As a Top

As a top, I will value, protect, and simultaneously violate your hole in a manner pleasurable to you. You will feel at ease as we progress through the session and will feel comfortable enough with me to interrupt play if something feels off, awkward, or awry. If desired, I’ll assist you with resources and advice needed to expand your fisting potential and prowess. I will work toward your desired outcomes and I will feel arousal by our connection.

As a Bottom

As a bottom, I will engage with you in a manner that improves confidence in yourself and confidence in your skills as a top. I’ll introduce you to new techniques and activities that will elevate your fisting experiences to new levels. I will meet you where you and remain free of pre-conceptions and expectations so that you can feel relief or reward from your time inside me.

As a Human

As a fellow human, I will treat everyone with dignity and model kind behaviors. I will advocate for the elimination of petty behavior that may exist within our community and will do it with genuine heart and pure intention. I will strive to be in the moment with you as we delve into our fistpits. Our fisting connection will increase our human connection.

I will also recognize that fisting is just one part of my persona and I make a promise to reign in my passions and connect to the outside world through other methods.