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Welcome to Fist Theory, an information repository on all things closely related to gay, male fisting.


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  1. the anatomical formation of the hand when the fingers and thumb are curled up in a ball


  1. a sexual activity involving the insertion of a balled or unballed hand into the vagina or rectum / lower digestive tract


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  1. A collection or system of facts and ideas that work together ideas to explain something
  2. A set of principles on which the practice of an activity is generally based.
  3. A hypothesis that proposes a potential, yet unconfirmed explanation about a phenomena.

Content Warning

Fist Theory content here is mostly educational; however, there are explicit photos, crass language, and detailed discussion of non-traditional sexual behavior. Let's start with a few precursors:

  • This site is Not Safe For Work (NSFW). Additional warnings regarding content are NOT provided.
  • This site is generally unpalatable for individuals who do not engage in nor express any interest in anal fisting. Take your judgement and your pearl-clutching elsewhere.
  • This site is not intended for minor consumption. Children should definitely leave now.
Not Suitable for Work
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Site Overview

Mission Statement

Fist Club is an educational platform dedicated to the advancement of both science-based principles as well as the subjective artistic expression of the sexual act of fisting.


There are many great websites and blogs available that are dedicated to the Art of Fisting. Art implies a certain level of craftsmanship and skill, which are both subjectively based qualities. Fist Theory fills a unique void by providing objective, science-based information in an instructional, curriculum-oriented format. Coupled with the objective lessons are an occassional subjective discussing fisting culture.

Objective-based and curriculum-centered material is available in the Education Center and informal (and oftentimes opinion-based) content can be found in the Podcast & Blogs. Both can be accessed from anytime from the menus in the header.

Maintenance & Ownership

This website is currently maintained by Finn Vortex (AKA @depthvortex). Additional information about him is available in his Fisting Bio.

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Educational seminars and small group / individual training sessions with him can be scheduled upon request.

Fisting Biography

This website does not belong to any fisting organization; however, it is closely associated with F-Squared, a Facebook group with thousands of fisters from around the world.

You must answer three screening questions and have a Facebook account that was created over a year ago in order to join this group.

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To find a local event or club near you, please access Fist Theory's Resources page. It has a registry of local fisting groups around the world, an Event Calendar of upcoming play parties by city, and a directory of clubs participating in the FFist Council (a loose confederacy of fisting organizations in North America).